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Return to C34 Home PageAbout this FAQ..("Frequently Asked Questions") This FAQ represents a compilation of wisdom captured from the old Catalina maillist, as well as original contributions to this website.  Future FAQs will be added from the message board and from original contributions to the Tech Wiki. If you've something to add, please contribute!  Any questions contact the webmaster.  These FAQs and the balance of this website are fully searchable.

Note: This FAQ Page is no longer being updated, and is now part of our archives.
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Why we are Catalina these!
Looking at a Catalina 34? - See what other owners
 have to say why they bought!
Buying a Catalina 34 - What do I look for when I 
find a Catalina 34 that I would like to purchase?

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Disclaimer Please note that these contributions reflect the opinions of the contributors, and are not the official views of the Catalina 34 National Association or Catalina Yachts. Also, please note that there are genuine differences of opinion among Catalina owners on all or most of the subjects discussed here. If you don't feel that the subject has received balanced treatment, well... contribute! (Is this beginning to sound like a broken record, or what?) 

Prospective C34 owners, please note:  Nothing you read here should be taken to indicate that C34s have more repair/maintenance issues than any other sailboat. Quite the opposite, in fact; most C34 owners would agree that the boat is remarkably trouble-free.  But no sailboat is perfect, and the marine environment is very harsh.  What's so great about the C34 is precisely that there's an avid community of owners who share information and solutions -- that's one very good reason to consider a C34 over competing boats that lack a thriving owner community.

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