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FAQ: Purchase Offer Form


Where can I get a "Boat Offer" form and/or a "Sales Contract"?

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Subj: Boat Offer forms and Contracts
Where can I find a boating "Offer Form" ????

Subj: RE: Boat Offer forms
At the bottom of this page you will find the form you need.
GOOD LUCK, Capt Al, "Kindred Spirit", #55

Subj: RE: Boat Offer forms
Try the site, it is a sales contract but it may help.


The U.S. Coast Guard has a generic bill of sale at this site. You can add the conditions of sale as you see fit. It's a good idea to spell out the major items included (roller furler, VHF, etc.) and list the engine and its serial no., also.
Good hunting.
Charlie Pearsall, C34 Delirious, cpearsall@smcplus.com

Subj: RE: Boat Offer forms
Bob I read the coast guard form and it doesn't look like it will help you. You are looking to cancel the agreement if the survey is unsatisfactory and you don't want to litigate the word unsatisfactory. I would leave a deposit and give yourself 10 days after receipt of the survey to cancel with a sentence stating that upon such written notice your deposit will be returned. The seller may want you to agree to a survey within a short period of time, so get your surveyor lined up. You may not want to agree to share the survey with the seller unless he absorbs some cost. You may also want to use any defects as a negotiation if you can live with them. Good luck.
Linda, "Windlass", lindajill1@rcn.com

To see "Offer Form" by its self, go to this page and print it:
Offer to Purchase & Sales Agreement


Offer to Purchase & Sales Agreement

I, ____________________________________ (Buyer) offer to purchase the vessel

Hull #_____________________ Named _______________________________________

State and Registration #_________________________ Length ______ft; Year ________

Manufacturer___________________ for the sum of $ _________________ (US Dollars)

from Mr. / Ms. _____________________________________________________(Seller).

SEA TRIAL: The vessel shall be made available for a sailing and motoring sea trial to the Buyers satisfaction, unless otherwise provided herein.

SURVEY: The vessel shall be made available for a marine and engine condition surveys to the Buyers satisfaction at the Buyers expense, unless otherwise provided herein.

CLEAR TITLE: Seller represents that he/she is the legal Owner of the vessel and that he/she has a good and marketable title and lawful right to sell the same. Seller shall furnish title to the vessel free and clear of all debt, claims, liens and encumbrances of any nature or kind whatsoever. The title shall be in accordance with the regulations of the State of _______________, U.S. Customs, U.S. Coast Guard, The Federal, State, County, and City regulatory taxing authorities. The Seller shall discharge all liens, mortgages, and bills of any kind held against the vessel or which may be incurred by the Seller before the consummation of sale and passage of title and possession of the vessel to the Buyer. The Seller agrees not to enter into any other contract for the sale of the vessel while this Agreement is in effect.

CONSUMMATION OF SALE: Upon consummation of sale the Seller will deliver the vessel, all listed equipment and complete documents of title, properly executed for transfer and delivery to the Buyer.

REJECTION OF VESSEL: Should the vessel be rejected by the Buyer, any deposit shall be refunded in full by the Seller to the Buyer immediately upon notice.

SALES TAX: The Buyer shall be responsible for the State Sales Tax.

OTHER CONDITIONS:____________________________________________________



This contract is binding on the Seller and Buyer.




The Seller hereby accepts this offer and agrees to be bound by the terms of this contract. Seller agrees to cooperate and give permission for the Buyer to verify the title and ownership of the vessel and hereby

acknowledges receipt of a Deposit of US$_____________. Balance Due US$________________







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