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FAQ: Sliding Doors

as anyone come up with a better looking cover for the shelves behind the early model 34s than those ugly black plastic sliding doors..and if not can those be replaced, as one of mine is broken?

Yes, there is a nice ash batten cover that will go over the black plastic sliding doors.  There is a picture and further details in the C-34 section of the Aug 1997 MAINSHEET Magazine.   (Ron Hill, C34 National Association Technical Editor).

Another option... I purchased sliding doors made out of 1/8" teak plywood; these were cut to size and shipped to me by Yukon Lumber, in Norfolk, VA. They look great and cost about $70, including cutting and shipping. They're thinner than the original, but that's no problem, and in fact slide more easily (Bryan Pfaffenberger, Juliana, #680)

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