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FAQ: Cabin-Breeze Inside


How do I get a breeze inside my boat?


Dear List'ners,
Will someone help a new sailor with a discussion of the best way to get the breeze into the boat, in the slip, as well as at anchor. We do have fans but are looking for the most we can get on these muggy and hot summer Chesapeake days and nights.
Thanks and regards,
Judy "Bluebird" C320 #618

Judy: At dock & @ anchor, particularly in daytime, create shade on deck w/ boom tent of light canvas, nylon tent flys or whatever. Keeping the sun off the deck will also mean cooler below in the evening and night. Hosing the decks down will also cool by evaporation. Use Wind Scoops as on page 771 West Marine general Master catalogue. You can make your own for probably a bit less $. Works at anchor as well as at dock if positioned to catch breeze. We have also anchored by the stern in reasonably light breezes to expose that typical Catalina BIG companionway to the air. Hope this helps you stay cool. It may also help to think about the poor souls who DON'T have a boat on the water and are sweltering away in their tenements.
Bob Cat30 TBS '83 #2988 LA BOO Vancouver B.C.

Judy: Well there is always beans. :)
Wind at the slip can be tough since you may be blocked by other boats or the wind may be from an angle that does not flow through the boat. Of course at the dock with shore power a good 110v AC fan works well. At anchor with the bow into the wind you should get a decent draft with the fwd hatch and companionway open. A wind scoop in the hatch will help catch the breeze and direct it into the boat. Make sure you have good screens so you can leave everything open without getting eaten alive.
Bruce, bruce.cohn@csfb.com

Judy: Some random thoughts:
*anchoring is generally better; the boat is designed to vent with the bow
facing the wind, and you don't have all those boats and docks obstructing the wind.
*wind scoops amplify the wind coming down a hatch, and some can be turned to face the wind (when at a dock and not facing bow into the wind)
*someone makes little plastic scoops designed to fit into your portholes to catch and funnel more air in
*if you are at the dock, take advantage of the AC and run some fans
*lastly, Hella makes a 12V fan that uses only about a half amp of juice. It doesn't create a hurricane, but can make an otherwise miserable night a little more comfortable, and with the low power draw you can keep it running all night. Get the original Hella fan, not the new fancy ones like the turbo.

Judy: At the dock a hatch air conditioner works wonders. Thank goodness we had it during the east coast heat wave 2 wks ago.
Elliott Goldenberg, OUIZ DUZIT C28 #354

Judy: Check out a WINDCHUTE at your local boat supply store.
Lee, "Leeward" C34 #105

Judy: Look at the Breeze Booster site, www.breezebooster.com or buy an Apollo diesel generator 949-650-1240/fax949-650-2519 & a 16,000 BTU marine air conditioner.
Regards from "GONE WITH THE WIND", C34, Naples, FL, Ron Euler

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