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FAQ: Heat exchanger

Does this dreadful thing require maintenance?


Where the heck is it?

The heat exchanger is on the upper back (aft) portion of the engine -it looks like a 4" cylinder approx. 2ft. long lying on it's side thwartship. Look in your owners manual at the picture of an M25/M25XP it will show the exchanger and the zinc . If you don't have one contact your Westerbeke dealer. That owners manual and the parts manual are a MUST to have on board. Ron APACHE #788

What's involved in maintaining it?

I've added this maintenance to my annual spring fitting out list, doing all that is mentioned below. One additional step that I perform is to use radiator flush (the typical automotive type - found just about anywhere) and after the cleaning   ritual below, fill the exchanger with the prescribed mixture and let it soak overnight. A couple of vigorous shakes the next day, followed by multiple rinses and reassembly has kept mine troublefree for 5 years now. Several years ago I also   cleaned the exterior with a wire brush and got it completely down to bare metal.   Then I primed and painted it with an engine enamel (black) (Bob Mack, Upon A Star #52)

NOTE: Be sure to read the FAQ page about heat exchanger zincs!!!!!

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