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FAQ: Bomar Hatch Lens Replacement


How do I Replace the Lens in My Bomar Hatch?

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My 1988 uses a Bomar Hatch in the main salon. The acrylic lens has become detached from the Aluminum frame. I have tried to re glue it many times with a black RTV silicon, but it still leaks. I don't like to see any water in the bilge. A good bilge is home for spiders. Question, has anyone tried to replace the hatch cover by removing the screws and buying a new frame and an acrylic lens glued to the frame by the Bamar factory. The two lock downs and the hold up support will also have to be dealt with. Is this all worth it or should buy a complete new hatch assembly and the teak molding will have to be reworked. Buy the way, I looked in the Tech notes and the FAQ and could only find related hatch problems. I did talk to Bomar and they use a RTV called GE Ultra Glaze, but it is machine done and it comes out nice and smooth. I'm not very good a squeezing out RTV and having it look decent
Dave Davis...Wind Dragon...707...San Francisco, davis_707@yahoo.com

Subj: Re: [C34] Replace hatch
Dave, I have replaced the lens myself and it is very easy. Take a knife and cut/remove the blade caulking that holds the lens in place between the frame of the hatch and the plastic lens. Then take a (flexible) putty knife and slide it under the Plexiglas lens. Using both hands, drag the blade under the lens and continue around until you end up where you started. Then go below and place the putty knife between the Plexiglas and the center support bar and separate the caulking from the Plexiglas. The window lens should come out. Clean it up and take it to a boat plastics shop and have a duplicate made.
Clean up the frame. When the new glass is ready make sure you leave the protective cover on the Plexiglas. Place it into the hatch and mark the center support bar on the protective coating. Using a razor blade cut and remove that strip of protective coating. Buy a large tube of black caulking and caulk the frame. Mask the metal hatch to prevent caulk from getting onto the metal. Do not worry about putting too much caulk on, more is better than not enough. Insert the plastic lens into the hatch and the excess will ooze up. Make sure the interior is protected from the caulking that will fall from under the lens and frame. Also mask the interior frame.
Now here is the real trick. Don't touch it for a week. Do not try to wipe the caulking flat. Let it dry hard then cut the excess caulking off with a razor blade. Now remove the protective coating and you will have a professional installation.
My hatch is leaking and I plan on pulling the entire hatch after the holidays to re-caulk. Unfortunately I am doing this in preparation to sell the boat which I have owned for 13 years. If you decide to remove the hatch let me know I will have accomplished that by mid January.
Richard Dwyer, Rebellious #328, RPDIII@aol.com

Subj: Re: [C34] Replace hatch
Thanks Richard, you have given me lots of good information that I will need to make up my mind. Selling your boat? Where are you located? That's one small problem with some Email, I'm not sure the location of skippers and sometimes the questions and answers make more sense when you relate them to a sailing areas.
Dave Davis...Wind Dragon...707...San Francisco, davis_707@yahoo.com

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