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Project: C34 Galley Light.


I wanted (needed?) more light in my galley than was provided by the stock lights around the edges of the salon.  A trip to West Marine (or your favorite chandlery) should give you plenty of options.  I chose a two bulb 12V compact florescent fixture.  Mounting it above the galley space was no sweat.  But tastefully running the wires was a trick.  At first, I used those sticky backed plastic guides but they "unstuck" within a month.  So I got serious and made guides from teak trim batons.  It was easy to cut a channel down the back side with a table saw.  Then, over a week's time, I "bent" the teak so that it would more closely conform to the curvature of the cabin roof.  The teak guides were attached with brass oval head screws.  Personally, I don't mind seeing the screw heads and the extra effort to recess and hide them behind teak plugs just wasn't worth the extra effort.  (But that's just my opinion.)

Mark Elkin, #133 Yorkshire Rose

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