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Owner Profiles

This page is intended to help C34 owners get to know each other, learn about each other's interests, and help build local C34 fleets.

Philosophical musing. According to an influential recent study, Americans are socializing much less than previously. A case in point: Precipitous declines in bowling league attendance. We bowl alone. Must we sail alone? C34 fleets are similarly in decline. One reason, I believe, is that people simply don't have the time to find others of like interests. Perhaps this page can help. If you'd like to hear from other C34 owners in your area, please contribute a profile to this page. Let's get together and celebrate something we share in common -- our love for our C34s! I don't put phone numbers on this page (for obvious reasons), but you can contact people via 3-mail (just click the highlighted names).

How to contribute your profile. When you register for the C34 Owners Database, you can submit your profile. If you've already registered, use the contribution form.

New York -- Long Island Sound

Phil & Dianne Imhof (Excalibur #430) We live Coram NY, where Phil is currently retired from the US Postal Service as Manager, Information Systems and Dianne is a Medical Technologist with the University of Stony Brook. Excalibur is our third sailboat. We had an O'day 25 (Lazy Daze) for 13 years, then sold her an bought a Catalina 27 (Excalibur I). We had Excalibur I for about 6 years, before selling her and buying our current boat (Excalibur II). We have had our C34 for about 10 years now. During that time I have been the Catalina 34 Association Editior, Association Treasurer, and am currently the Association Webmaster. We sail in the summer and Ski in the winter (usually in either Canada or the Northeast). We belong to the Mt. Sinai Sailing Association - a group of 125 families that sail & race on various size & type of sailboats. I am also the Webmaster of that group (www.mssa.org). Fairtides......

California -- Southern San Francisco Bay

Greg and Cathy Sherwood ('Imi Loa, #582, 1988) We live in San Jose, CA, where Greg is a Web Designer and Information Technologist for NASA/Ames Research Center and Cathy is a Financial Accounts Manager for Cisco Systems.  'Imi Loa is our first sailboat and learning to handle a boat like the C34 on San Francisco Bay has been quite an experience.  I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than sailing. (Well, maybe one or two.)  We plan on getting more involved with our local Fleet in 1998 as well as the Ames Sailing Club (which Greg is starting), the Sierra Point Yacht Club (www.kichwa.com/SPYC), and the Pacific Inter-Club  Yacht Association (www.picya.org).   Besides sailing, we're into music (especially the blues), malt whiskey, spicy food and travelling.  Check out our web site at www.kichwa.com.   Cheers...

Canada -- Ottawa River

Gary and Joanne Wiseman (Up Spirits, #894, 1989) We are Canadian sailors (means short season), both having a background in the Navy.   Joanne is an administrative assistant in the government and about to retire into our own business.  I am a retired engineer and naval architect also working in our own business.   We have four kids all almost out of our fridge and our wallet. (33 down to 22).   We sail in a land locked section of the Ottawa River only 29 miles long by 3 miles wide.  What with the short season and many tacks you get to enjoy things fast around here.    Notwithstanding, the winds are good to very strong and there is good racing and a large cruising fleet in the area.  Good friends, wine making and tasting, politics, and sailing.  Skiing in the off season too.   What more could you ask for?   I'm also working on a project to connect our "lake" to the lower Ottawa and hence "to sea".   Looks like we're going to get the funds soon so some of you hardy folks can come and visit Canada's capital by boat.   Looking forward to seeing you all.   Gary and Joanne.

Connecticut--Eastern Long Island Sound

Donald & Dayle Wilder (Phantom, #1293, 1995). We live in Ledyard, CT, where Don is a scientist at Pfizer Central Research doing research on drugs for cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. Dayle is self-employed as a graphic artist and commercial photographer. We are members of West Cove Yacht Club in Noank, CT and regularly cruise as a group in Eastern Long Island Sound and points East such as Block Island, Shelter Island, Montauk, and Cuttyhunk Island nearly every weekend. Don is currently Fleet 6 Captain trying to expand to Catalinas of all sizes in the area. If you are interested in joining Fleet 6 or just getting together with other 27,30,32,34, 36 or 38 owners please e-mail me.

Florida - Miami

Jack Krauser, (Cool Change, #20,  1986)   Former Naval Aviator (nothing is more useless than a naval officer on a sailing vessel) now working for American Airlines. Mostly a Biscayne Bay sailor with occasional sails to Key West, and The Bahamas.

Florida - Northeast

Steve and Carolyn Ritter (Night Flyer, #286, 1987) live in Fernandina Beach, Fl. Carolyn's a dentist here in town, so if you get a toothache on the way down the ICW for the Winter you've got a friend here!! After 21 years flying fighters in the AF, I now fly for FEDEX. We try to take one major trip each year to the Bahamas on the Catalina in May, so if you're going to be down there let us know!

Florida -- North Palm Beach

Richard & Carol Dwyer (Rebellious, #328, 1987) I purchased Rebellious new in California in 1987. In 1995 I moved, along with my boat, to South Florida,North Palm Beach to be exact. After taking almost two years of repairing the damage caused by the boatyard I sailed Rebellious from my backyard to Key West and then Cuba this last November 1997. I have been a pilot for 27 years and my wife and I enjoy the tranquility of sailing. I now hope to use my boat to cruise the Keys and the Bahamas. So if you are ever cruising the Intracostal Waterway look for me on the west side between PGA and Parker bridges. You can also find me in the race to Cuba every year.

Central Florida --Port Canaveral

Nancy & Craig McAllaster (Voyager, #1345, 1997) Nancy and I have just traded our 1988 C 30 for Voyager,   a 1997 left over on the dealers lot and we couldn't be happier. We would love to hear from other C 34s in the area and maybe have some rendevous. We also have thought about going to the Bahamas in May or possibly to Key West, any takers? We have been sailing for about 11 years and really love the feel of the 34, can't wait to take some trips on her, hence the name "Voyager."

Maryland -- Northern Chesapeake Bay

Mark & Evelyn Rochlin (Ibis, #1338, 1997) Evelyn, Katie (14), Allyson (12) and I are living in Maryland.  Mark retired from the Army in 1995 and is working for an engineering company that specializes in space systems.  Evelyn, who spent eight years in the Army (a paratrooper too) is a nurse working in the OR of a local hospital. Katie and Allyson are attending high school and middle school and where both are active in a variety of sports and academic activities. Ibis will be kept in Galesville, MD and will sail regularly in her home waters of the Chesapeake.  We are looking forward to the social dimension of sailing, especially new friends with shared interests.

Massachusetts -- Cape Cod

Bob & Chris Lancaster (Christina 1998) -- To be owners of a 1998 MarkII presently under construction. Live in Cotuit MA on Cape Cod. Bob is a semi-retired engineer/crystal grower who likes to "mess around with boats". Chris is an accomplished sailor and first mate. We sail extensively throughout the southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area during the season. We plan to sail to Maine for an extended cruise this summer, probably late July and early August. We enjoy rendezvousing with friends and would be friends. Our favorite anchorages include Hadley Harbor, Tarpaulin Cove, and Katama Bay in Edgartown MV

New Jersey -- Cherry Hill

Louis and Marjorie Berman (Second Wind 1997) -- We live in Cherry Hill, NJ which is just east of Philadelphia. We started sailing in the early 70's, chartering various types of sailboats for one week every other year in the upper and middle Chesapeake Bay. In 1994 we went to Sail Expo in Atlantic City
to talk with the various chartering outfits concerning a charter for the 1994 season.
Of course, while there we looked at boats, including the Catalina. It just so happens that the dealer on the Catalina 30 was Winter's Sailing Center located in Riverside, NJ on the Delaware River about 10 miles north of Philadelphia, 1/2 hours drive from our home. Lo and behold, we bought a new 1994 Catalina 30, #6279. We figured if the mortgage company was willing to give us a 15 year mortgage, why not go for it. We kept the boat, which we named L'Chaim (Hebrew for "To Life") on the river for two seasons and then moved it down to Haven Harbour marina in Rock Hall, MD on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, a two hours drive from home.
We spent almost every weekend on the boat including some three day weekends and a one weeks cruise. By the end of the season, our third with the C30, we felt we wanted something with a bit more room. At Sail Expo in 1997 we again delt with Winter's and traded in the C30 for a new, 1997 C34, #1366. We named the new boat Second Wind (too many people couldn't pronounce L'Chaim, particularly on the radio) and moved it down to Rock Hall within two weeks of it's commissioning. It's a great boat and provides the room and privacy we want in case one of our children (one male and one female, both out of the house for a goodly number of years) joined us for a sail or cruise. Both of us were originally from NY. Marge from Brooklyn and Lou from Queens. When Lou graduated NYU with a dregree in Aeronautical Engineering we moved to Dayton, Ohio   where Lou worked for the Air Force. In 1993 we moved to the Philadelphia area when Lou transferred to work for the Navy. In 1987 Lou transferred once more, without us having to move, and he now works for the FAA at the FAA Technical Center near Atlantic City, NJ. Marge worked hard as a home maker till the kids were grown, then became a secretary and is now doing medical transcription. Lou plans on retiring within 4 years which will give us more time for sailing. Though Lou took up flying at age 50, has a private license, and manages the R&D flight operations at the Technical Center, we have agreed that sailing is our real love and that's where our resources will go. We have joined the Haven Yacht Club, the C34 fleet 12, and of course the C34 national association. We are into
cruising, not racing, and enjoy anchoring in the many gunkholes throughout the Chesapeake.



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