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Parts List

This page contains links to the 5 pages of a 1995 Catalina parts list (i.e., pre-Mark II). It's the latest that's available -- Catalina says that there's no such thing as a current C34 parts list. Please note that the prices on this list are several years old. Still, this list gives you a good idea of what's available for your C34, and prices haven't increased dramatically.
  • Page 1 Cockpit, Engine, Foredeck
  • Page 2 Foredeck (cont.), Interior, Keel
  • Page 3 Keel (cont.), Midship
  • Page 4 Rigging
  • Page 5 Rigging (cont.), Sails, Transom

Anybody needing parts can telephone the Catalina factory at 818-884-7700 or fax (for parts) 818-704-6612.



Based on the collective wisdom and experience from our members, here's some alternative and acceptable substitute parts lists.  Please feel free to contribute to this list by contacting one of our web masters.

Electrical Panel
Engine Filters and Belts

Universal Engine Parts List (1 of 2) (2 of 2) (.pdf format)

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