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    If you love the traditional lines of the Catalina 34, this page will please your eyes. To see a larger version of a thumbnail graphic, just click on it. You'll see a larger version of the graphic. Click your browser's Back button to return to this page. 

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    New.gif (167 bytes) The pix are organized by hull number, with the earliest boats first. As you browse through these photos, you can see how the Catalina 34 has evolved since 1986.

    TIP If you see a highlighted boat name, you can click the name to see the boat's entry in the Catalina 34 Owners Database.

    Vanguard, #102 (1986, original model) Lake Champlain, VT (Peter Brownell) 211K
    wpe2.jpg (2654 bytes) José Frío, #156 (1986) cruisin' off the coast of Florida. Check out the wind generator! Joe Martin (JCMartin@ix.netcom.com) and Bill Martin (cside@gte.net). 38K
    Molly Rose, #447 The photo was taken by a friend of Ted and Patty Pounds while I was out solo on the last sailing day  of the season. It was probably the best sailing of the season too. The Pounds keep "Molly Rose" at North Point Marina on Lake Michigan, just south of the Wisconsin border.
    Juliana, #680 (1988)  sailing Virginia's beautiful Rappahannock River (Bryan Pfaffenberger) 51K
    Breezer # 688 (1988) owned by Mike and Jan Smith

    Windy Lin D, #735 gunkholin' on the Chesapeake Bay (Corky and Linda Dalton) 159K
    Signe, #746 (1988), on a thrilling reach on San Francisco Bay, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background   (Norval Knutsen) 99K
    apache-thumb.jpg (3163 bytes) Apache, #788 (1988), Chesapeake Bay (Ron and Phyllis Hill). 57K
    wpe5.jpg (3418 bytes) Virtual Reality (#840, 1989) doin' what a C34 does best.
    meriah-II-thumb.jpg (4404 bytes) Meriah II, #1065, on Kentucky Lake (Gerry and Roberta Misener),  45K
    Relentless, #1088 (1990) a C34 set up for racing! Lake Michigan (Rod and Annie Van Tol). 31K
    linda-lou-thumb.jpg (4447 bytes) Linda Lou, #1107 (1990), ready for a cruise (Nelson Yaple). 61K
    wpe2.jpg (4290 bytes) Hard Times, #1120 (1991) on Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas; John and Rita Nixon (jmnpe@flash.net).
    Prosit, #1186 (1993) Chesapeake Bay (Bill & Dot Beck)  (142K)
    Summerhaus, #1290 (1994, late "Mark 1")  Greenport, NY, on Eastern Long Island.  (Bob Greenhaus).     282K
    Summerhaus, #1290 (1994) 
    motoring on a calm day on Gardiner's Bay. 61K
    VOYAGER.JPG (9971 bytes) Voyager, #1345 (1997)
    picture is taken from another C34 "Genesis" on the Indian River near
    Melbourne, Florida.
    second-wind-thumb.jpg (5840 bytes) Second Wind, #1366 (1997)
    on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. 54K
    Bear_Territory.JPG (17707 bytes) Bear Territory, #1421 (1998)
    with cruising spinnaker on San Francisco Bay
    Delirious #1515
    Lansing, NY
    Fleet 12 raft-up (186K)


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