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Like most Captains, I’m usually working on the boat by myself. I got so tired of needing someone to hold “whatever” while I cut, solder, glue, etc.; that I finally bought a vise. I found a small clamp-on vise in a tool catalog for under $10. I cut myself a couple of small plywood discs to protect the top of the flip up galley worktable. Only light duty work can be done on that table. However, the vise will clamp on to any open 2 x 4 / railing on a dock for heavier work. Since I bought my (iron) vice I’ve seen a non metallic version about the same size that’s also a clamps on. When I use the vise on the table inside, I hang a plastic grocery bag on it to catch the clippings or sawdust. Sure is handy to have that other set of “hands.”

Ron Hill APACHE #788

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