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Project: C34 Salon Table Modification


The key to cutting the table is to take it to someone that makes countertops. They have the saw/blade that'll cut Formica without chipping it. If there's any cost it will be nominal. To cover the cut thru the plywood I cut and epoxy'd on a thin strip of teak. I think it looks better than just staining the plywood cut to match. Catalina use much more teak on the 1986 - 1988 tables. In 1989 the amount of teak started to decline and edging (as an example) was replace with Formica strips. The two halves are held together with stainless piano hinge. I made my "sliders" out of hard board that I had on hand. Metal will also work. I banded a small piece of bungee cord with a small loop around the table elevation knob. The loop slips into an open brass eye, screwed to the table underside. That way the table is secured when it's down and we're under sail.

I've seen a lot of table modifications in the past 15 years, but this is the only one I liked. I kept my promise to my First Mate, that HER table could still be made back into it's original full size.

plans in work finished





Mark: I noticed the angled cut Ron.  Why did you plan it that way?
Ron: Good Question. The 8" side is the length between the bottom of the table and the cushion so it would clear. The 12" side is so I had more room on the isle side when the table was down and that leaf still cleared my waste basket. The waste basket is just aft of the mast being secured to the mast and the table column. I've also seen tables with a cut that was parallel to the outside edge.

Ron Hill

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