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Project: Single Hump Hose


This page describes C34 owners' cockpit upgrade projects.
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Installing A Single Hump Hose

This is what a Single Hump Hose installed should look like. Note that I use "acid free" clamps with rolled edges and some soft leather between the clamp and the SHH. That hose is made out of silicone rubber and much softer that normal hose. Just wanted to make sure that I didn't cut into the hose with the hose clamps. Note that in the lower left is my Balmar ARS III voltage regulator. I wanted to be able to see the diagnostic LEDs and also wanted to get it out of the hotter engine compartment. I also cutout part of a "Tupper Ware" box to protect it from any spilled fuel while changing filters.

Ron Hill
#788 1988


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