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Project: C34 Settee Storage Project


"Settee Storage for Tools and Parts"


On MUSIC, I used forward settee storage for tools and parts boxes.  But getting at my tools, even for a quick & simple task, meant taking apart the settee to get at them.  The solution was a standard 12" West Marine teak door and frame placed in the inboard (or aisle) side of the enclosure.  I cut the hole with a "side cutting" drill bit after tracing the teak door.  A somewhat raggedly cut opening is hidden by the frame around the door which I glued in place.  The West Marine door doesn't come with hinges so I bought some small ones at Home Depot and also installed a cupboard door keeper latch to keep the door closed.  Now I can grab my canvas bag of basic tools easily through the door but still need to open the settee cushion to get at larger parts boxes, etc.  80% of the time the door is all I need.  I've spotted some other places where the same kind of installation might result in easier access to unused storage potential.

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Jack Reynolds "MUSIC" #1583

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