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Project: Dinette


This page describes C34 owners' cockpit upgrade projects.
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Salon Dinette

Dinette Table Revision


Here's a photo of another, more practical Dinette table. If we plan to have more guests than the v-berth and aft stateroom can handle, the original table can be re-installed for the additional sleeping space. It sure makes it easier to access the storage areas!

I re-cycled an old kitchen table top by shaping it to the size that looked proportional by cutting it with a jigsaw. Then, after roughing up the original Formica top with sandpaper, I used a brush-on contact cement, and glued a piece of 1/8" birch plywood to the top. I left a small overhang around the edges so I could sand it down to the same size as the table base below it. Contact cement is very unforgiving, and if you don't position your project exactly right on the first try, it's impossible to remove. So I left myself a margin for error, and then just sanded it down.


I experimented on a scrap piece of the birch plywood, and after mixing a blend of oak and red mahogany wood stains, I stained it to match the interior wood shade. It took 3-tries to get something I was happy with.


To give it a finished look, I bought some rounded teak corners and straight teak edge molding and attached it to the edges using a waterproof wood glue, Titebond II. The hard part was getting all the pieces to fit flush up against each other, but that's just a matter of fitting, sanding, fitting, and then sanding again to get that perfect fit.


Then it was 5 coats of marine spar varnish.


After a season of cruising its held up well. Although, this winter I think I am going to pour a layer of self-leveling clear resin over the surface to better protect it. It's a product called EnviroTex Lite, and can be found at most paint stores, or at www.eti-usa.com

Bob & Cheryl Kuba
1994 C34, #1291
"Quiet Island"



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