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Project: C34 Outboard Motor Bracket


When I went looking for an outboard bracket I found most are designed for either smaller engines or made to fit a T fitting on a rail. The walk through transom of the newer boats are short on T rail fittings except on the seats, which I did not want to obstruct. I bought Voyager, hull number 1345 and walked the dock looking at designs. Had I been in familiar territory I may have been able to find a different material, more like that white plastic cutting board material. Instead I found a nearby Home Depot and was able to find inexpensive shelf like material made of pine. Here is a diagram to scale of the bracket with pictures, both before and after painting. Basically it creates a sandwich over the rails making for a sturdy and snug fit. It could easily accomodate a motor larger than the 8 hp motor I use. I don't recall the boat name that had the bracket that I copied. Who ever designed the original did a great job.





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Randy Thies  "Captran"

Note from webmaster: My boat, Yorkshire Rose, has a similar outboard bracket, see pictures below.  The design is just different enough that to make an interesting comparison.  I don't have the original plans since the bracket was added by the original owner.  Mark



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