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Project: Illusion's Projects


This page describes C30 owner Bill & Jayne Quinn's Upgrades to "Illusion", a great Catalina 30.
They may be reached at C30SN4023@aol.com
Great Job Bill and Jayne!

This may not be a C34 but we could done a lot of these projects on our C34's, thanks Bill and Jayne


ac-dcrefrig&navstation 2.jpg (62614 bytes)    ac-dcrefrig&navstation.jpg (58524 bytes) ac-dcrefrig.jpg (71921 bytes)
"AC-DC Refrig"

Wow, what a great installation!
Any C34 owners want to try this?

aftbulkheadmod2.jpg (62072 bytes)   aftbulkheadmod.jpg (61351 bytes) 
"Aft Bulkhead Mod's"

dodger&awning.jpg (95084 bytes) autopilot&speaker.jpg (29483 bytes) autopilot&speaker2.jpg (46716 bytes) cockpitspeakermod.jpg (43911 bytes)
"Autopilot & Speaker"

basspanelmod.jpg (80734 bytes) charttableextension.jpg (57164 bytes) galleycounterext 2.jpg (55843 bytes)
Misc Interior Mods"

 bowspritmod.jpg (57349 bytes) depth&speed.jpg (30498 bytes)
Bow Sprit Mod & Depth/Speed

fwdhatchscreen.jpg (42424 bytes)
"V-berth Hatch Screen"

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