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Project: Hammock


There is nothing more pleasant than gazing up at the stars from a hammock mounted on the foredeck. This project involves mounting the hammock at the mast and at the forestay. The mast end is quite straightforward. A ring fitting for a spinnaker pole or whisker pole is ideal. The forestay attachment is a little more complicated if you have a roller furling job. In this case, I designed a sleeve to mount the hammock around the furled sail. The drawings show the basic design. It is made of sunbrella canvas with nylon webbing as reinforcement. Stainless steel rings are used to fasten to the hammock with a snap hook.

To prevent the sleeve from sliding down the forestay, two "D" rings are sewn to the sleeve which attach to a spare halyard. Make the sleeve large enough to wrap around the furled sail. Mine is about 40 cm on a side. We feel quite secure with two adults on a double hammock.

Victor Menasce.

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