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Project: Galley Shelves

This page describes C34 owners' Autoprop upgrade projects.
Please contribute yours!


E-Mail me if you have any questions at (alwsail@aol.com)

Catalina 34
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"Galley Shelves" 

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"Kindred Spirit"
Instruction for making found at 
Capt Al's Shelf Upgrade Page

"Kindred Spirit"
Lights were incorporated into this shelf unit. 
Capt Al's Shelf Upgrade Page
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Joe & Pat Turner
"Lovepat" C34 # 1039

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Visit Joe's Home Page at

The shelf is super strong - the strength comes from having a threaded rod with end plates on both ends. We have made several crossings to and from the Bahamas with seas up to eight feet. We never lost a dish. Picture to the left shows the support on the bottom of the threaded rod. A similar plate is attached above under the slide for the companionway. Installation requires removing the companionway slide to install the top braces and reinstalling the slide. The treaded rods are covered with teak and the supports for the dishes are teak. The installation is very labor intensive but we could make a kit. Contact Joe at joet@gate.net 

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Microwave "Legacies"
Most manufactured shelves use pegs to hold cups and dishes.

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Standard Interior of a 1998 Catalina 34

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