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Project: Galley Shelves II

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Removable Galley Counter-Top Shelf

Here’s a sturdy galley counter-top shelf for small plug-in electric appliances (toasters, coffee makers, etc.) designed so as to allow continued access to the ice box / refrigerator while freeing up counter-top space. The shelf can be left in place for other items (fruit bowls, flowers, etc.), or removed and its legs folded for storage when not needed (Admirals choice).

Materials: piece of ¾" pine stock (approximately 35" x 8"), 11 brass screws, 4 brass 1" hinges, 3" Velcro strip (self-adhering "sticky" type), plus stain &/or stain-varnish.

[Note: If you’ve previously made the "paper towel holder" (see other projects on Projects page), both the shelf and towel holder can be used at the same time.] Pictures of the finished shelf and plans are shown below.

Overview of shelf in use showing legs / supports straddling counter-top fiddle and the shelf "tongue" gripping the galley cabinet bulkhead.

View of shelf folding legs/ support in extended position

View of shelf folding legs/ support in folded position for storage

Additional views and the plans for galley counter-top shelf.


Dan Harrington
Weal Sea, #1289

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