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CNG Refill Adapter

[Ed. note:  This gadget was submitted by several people at nearly the same time.  I'm taking the best of each submission to create a single project page.]

Finished Product

My friend and I (both C34 owners) figured out how to fill CNG tanks about 5 or 6 years ago.  We have been using it ever since.  The most we have ever paid to fill a tank is $1.10 and it only takes a few seconds!  I could fax you the plans for the adapter we made.  You will need access to a machining (lathe) service in order to make your own.  The main problem in "mating" your boat tank to a CNG powered powered vehicle refueling system is this: our boat tank is build to "stationary gas standards" (like welding tanks) which uses pipe threaded connections.  Vehicles have been built to "mobile gas standards" which use SAE o'ring straight threaded connections.  As with any flammable, there is some danger involved, so great caution is required when filling tanks. 

Jim Accetta (original creator)

Tom Soko
C36 #659 Julandra
C36IA Commodore

Al Landry
C34 #13

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