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Projects: C34 Air Conditioning



We have a Cruise Air 12,000 BTU unit. It was installed by the dealer we bought the boat from back in 1987. It was installed in the hanging locker in the main salon and does take up most of the space. Here are a few pictures of the installation. We have had to cover the hatches if we needed to be comfortable during the day in the middle of July in a hot harbor in SW Florida. It is big enough to keep the entire boat comfortable at night for sleeping during the summer months here with the addition of a couple of fans in the front and rear cabins.

Return grille in the head of 34. (Shadow makes it look strange)

Supply grille at chart table of 34 with controls for the unit installed next to it.

12000 BTU Cruiseair unit installed in hanging locker of 34.

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Bonnie Mitchell  "Oraios" #575

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