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In addition to painting the "on" side of the switches with white fingernail polish; I added a RED strip to the center of the "REFRIGERATION" switch. This was done so food would not spoil from an inadvertent off switch!!! After I did the switches I wished that I could see the on/off of the 110V push breaker switches. I went to Radio Shack and bought some red and green 110AC lights and wired them into the switch/breakers. As you can see the "OUTLETS" are on with a green light (same as AC ON) and is the same green as the DC Perko switch light. The WATER HEATER (2nd down) is unlit so therefore is "off". The 3rd one down is my SHORE POWER BATTERY CHARGER and it's lit and "on". The 4th one down is a spare for the next AC item I wire in (i.e. inverter ?). The objective is that I can now see exactly what's "ON" or "OFF" from a distance.

Ron Hill APACHE #788


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