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FAQ: Muffler Reflacement


Should I  Replacement or Repair the Muffler?

Thanks T.R. Hernack for the Muffler Replacement FAQ !

Original Message:
Muffler Replacement
Has anyone replaced their muffler with a non-Catalina muffler? If so, which one?
I removed the fiberglass Catalina built muffler from my boat because of stress cracks and leaking. I talked to the guy at Catalina and he said to ship him my old muffler (1987 model) and they would make me a replacement. I am considering using a non-Catalina muffler as a replacement. Thanks,
Chap Hodges, Kemosabe 1987 #344, CaptChap@DestinSailCharters.com

RE: Muffler Replacement
Chap, I also had cracks and leaks in my 1987 muffler, around the input and output tubes. I looked around for a replacement, but could not find anything that would fit in the height available. Before ordering a new one from Catalina, I decided to try to repair it and completely broke the input tube out trying to remove the hose. I used some West epoxy, which I thickened and applied with filleting, to repair the tubes.
The repair was done about a year ago and has held up just fine, so far. I'm starting to trust it, but still check it at least once each time out, because there is a fair amount of vibration from the hose, which I think probably contributed to the original problem.
It was probably the least expensive repair to date, about $20.
We also had the same problem on our C30, but I never fixed it. Learned a lot since then.
Larry Lemieux, Reality Check #316, Larry@nutsvolts.com

RE: Muffler Replacement
As I mentioned to Chap, the new mufflers from Catalina have beefed up glass joints/tubes compared to my original one was made back in 1988. A factory replacement costs about $145. As I wrote in the Mainsheet years ago, the switch to the more flexible "single hump" inlet hose would all but eliminate the vibration, which causes the cracking of that inlet muffler tube.
Ron, APACHE, #788, ronphylhill@erols.com

RE: Muffler Replacement
I would suggest that if you do use the West epoxy with filleting to repair the tubes, that you also use some fiberglass cloth to reinforce the joint and beef it up to the newer thicker standards. Just a thought.
Capt Al, "Kindred Spirit" #55, alwsail@aol.com.

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