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"Future" (a household floor treatment) on the none skid portions of your deck?

"Future" (a household floor treatment) on the none skid portions of your deck for a bright shining surface.

Note: If you decide you want to try this on your dull fiberglass non-skid areas, try the anchor locker doors and test it for slipperiness and looks.

Posting Subject was "Boat cleaning and wax"
In a previous posting someone mentioned using "Future" (a household floor treatment) on the none skid portions of his deck for a bright shining surface. We recently purchased an older boat with dull looking decks. Using Future on these area sounded good to me, but does anyone know a reason not to use it. Thanks, Larry Calfee LWCalfee@aol

Subj: Re: Boat cleaning and wax
From: ALWSAIL@aol.com
OK I have been putting off writing about this product because a lot of people do not agree on putting anything on the grip area of the. I put "future" (the word wax is not on the bottle) on all the non-skid areas of my c34 1986 boat. The results are in.......I will DO it again next year. Everyone wants to know how I got the decks looking so good. I like it. The bird XXX comes right off with NO staining and the deck cleans up real nice.
How did I do it?
I cleaned the decks, real good. When you put the Future on you close the dirt in! Tape off the non-skid areas (I skipped this step, but you must be neat) just like you were about to paint....an thatís what you will do.....Pour the Future into a coffee can, get a nice paintbrush and start painting the Future on. Work slowly and make sure you cover ALL the area and brush so that the grooves are also painted. Do this by NOON because if you get dew on it or it gets wet, it will turn white. Been there, done that. After an hour of drying stand back and catch the decks in the sun and make sure that all areas are 100% covered, if not then take the brush and touch it up. You will know the difference because the deck comes back to its original darker color.
Only bad thing that I have to say about it is that acid in the edges of rainwater puddled on the cockpit floor and left a white ring. Also bleach if dripped on it removes it in that area. No problem, just touch it up. Lets hear your pro's and cons. I look at it by saying the decks have had toooo much sun and must have something on them. I never thought that this would be the answer.
Capt Al ~~~~_/)~~~~~~~~~~~~(\_~~~~
#55 C34 _/)
"Kindred Spirit" http://kindred-spirit.net

Subj: Re: Boat cleaning and wax
From: EBeda1@aol.com
Actually, Future does NOT make it slippery. Certainly didn't on our non-skid. But if you leave a wet anything (like a leaky shower bag) on it for any length of time, it will turn cloudy, ie: whitish.
Bob Cat30 TBS '83 #2988 LA BOO Vancouver B.C.

Subj: Re: Boat cleaning and wax
From: yankee3223@juno.com (don f guillette)
Larry: In my opinion, I would not use any wax on the non-skid unless you like doing an ice skating triple camel on your fore deck.
Don Guillette "Yankee" C30 Long Beach, Ca

Subj: Re: [C34] Re: Boat cleaning and wax
From: ronphylhill@erols.com (James R. Hill)
I wouldn't recommend putting any wax, acrylic (Future), or any finish on the antiskid or it can't do what it is supposed to -- provide a nonskid footing on the deck. In fact, I don't even use the Boat Wash & Wax to ensure that my antiskid surfaces aren't the least bit slippery. This is especially important when antiskid is wet and the boat is rocking and pitching. I don't believe any boat manufacturer would recommend any coatings on their antiskid.
Ron Hill, Apache #788 Tech ED C34 Mainsheet

Subj: Re: Boat cleaning and wax
From: Brian8470@aol.com
I also have used Future on my non-skid.....and can attest to how well it works. I used a sponge to spread it around...(low tech approach)....but it is not slippery...water runs off......poop cleans up.....the only negative...is if you get it on the smooth gelcoat..is leaves a streak...not a big deal. I found it last about 2 months
Brian Blais "Impetuous C27, #3474 Narragansett Bay, RI

Subj: RE: Boat cleaning and wax
From: Darrell_Zabaldo@doh.state.fl.us
Weird, I did my whole topsides and it came out beautiful, but I pressure washed first. The deck looks great now.

From: Chet Klyn [mailto:chetk@home.com]
Subject: Re: Boat cleaning and wax
Future left a yellow film on the smooth gelcoat. I tried it and had to remove it all with the stripper they sell. Future does work well on the steps down on my C-28.
Chet Klyn C-28 #543 FWBC "Pizza Money"

Subj: RE: Boat cleaning and wax
From: Darrell_Zabaldo@doh.state.fl.us
It didn't make any of my areas slippery! Have you tried it?

Subj: [C34] RE: Boat cleaning and wax
From: Darrell_Zabaldo@doh.state.fl.us
I did the Future on the whole deck not just the non-skid. Itís really runny, so I used a nice big sponge and did 2 coats in about 2 hours! Looked great and after about 6 months it has worn down.....Guess it's time to recoat! I'll be doing it again soon!

Subj: Re: Boat cleaning and wax
From: tma@deltanet.com (Steve)
I once bought a house where the previous owner had used Future all over a nice black slate entry. It too had a yellow tinge to similar to a light varnish tint and appeared to have been applied in many layers. After attempts to remove it ourselves we had to hire someone to come in and remove it. The project took two days using some type of acid, sandpaper, wire brushes and scrapers. I can't imagine subjecting my boat to the stuff.

Subj: RE: Boat cleaning and wax
From: haeverst@uwgb.edu (Haevers, Tom)
Ammonia will easily remove the Future wax.
Tom Haevers

Subj: Re: Boat cleaning and wax - Yellow Future
From: pjagur@directcon.net (Philip J. Agur)
Chet, I told a friend about Future before getting around to doing my decks. He came back and said it turned yellowish in some areas. He believes it must be applied in the cool of the morning and yellows if put on in the heat of the day. He's redoing the yellow areas.
Phil Agur

Subj: Re: Boat cleaning and wax
From: jchadwick@vicomnet.com (John Chadwick)
It will make your decks slippery, but this is true of all these products. The "slippery" nature will quickly wear off though, as the product wears off the very top of the non-skid pattern. I'd give it a try!

Subj: Re: Boat cleaning and wax
From: mxmunger@crosslink.net (Max Munger)
Several readers have been recommending Future for several years now. It does a great job! Just don't get it on the "skid" FG because it really will!
Max Munger, SHERMAX #2276 (1981 TRBS)

Subj: Re: Using "Future"

Hi, I posted a query regarding "Future" on non-skid deck areas several weeks ago and several people responded that they either had great success or hated it.

The ones with success said that they clean the decks really good, and apply in the AM -- before noon -- so that it has dried well before night and dew falls on it. They report that bird droppings, etc. are easy to wash off and don't stain the deck. One respondent suggested using a paintbrush to apply, and that sounds like a good idea.

The ones that hated it said that it had yellowed. Future can be removed with ammonia and water, as stated on the label, so I figured there is little risk if it doesn't work out.

I applied it to my deck non-skid areas this fall during winter lay-up cleaning, and the initial results were great. Washed the decks well, let dry, then applied when temperature was about 68 degrees with moderate humidity and light breeze. Dried in about 30 minutes to a clear, glossy finish.

I applied direct from bottle, spreading with a damp sponge. Was easy. The sponge and my hand got really sticky as the stuff dried on it, but washed off easily with soap and water.

Draped tarp over boat for winter storage later that day, so longevity under direct sun and rain will not be known 'til next summer.

The Future is pretty runny, and I think would be difficult to get good results on smooth gel coat, esp. vertical surfaces; but give it a try to be sure. Not much expense or risk involved.

I have used various automobile liquid polishes (2000 in an orange bottle) with good results. Cleans up the dark streaks and leaves a smooth glossy finish that seems to clean up easily. One year I put it on my hull below the water line and didn't buff it out, the boat was in fresh water for the season and un buffed waxy haze was still apparent when I pulled the boat that fall. Still buffed out easily, but I don't recall the slime being any easier to wash off, though I have always waxed the entire hull at least once a year.

Good luck and let us know how it works out if you proceed.

fair winds...Tom, twarneke@cisco.com

Subj: Re: Using "Future"

Tom, I suggest don't use any automotive wax or polish on fiberglass or any wax that uses silicone. If you need to make a repair on fiberglass, the silicone will hamper the repair. The repair won't stick. Silicone is hard to remove.

Langsey, C-38 #129

Subj: Re: Using "Future"

Hi All, My experience (10 years) using liquid auto wax (and some do advertise having silicone) is that when repairing dings and scratches with a two part epoxy repair kit or applying decals (State registration numbers and annual stickers) there haven't been any problems. I clean well with acetone and a clean rag to remove any dirt, grease, wax, etc.

Getting the darn numbers or stickers to come off is more of a problem!

Fair winds...Tom, twarneke@cisco.com


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