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Project: Safety


This page describes C34 owners' safety upgrade projects.
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Propane Storage Bag

Recently we were moored in Hospital Cove at Angel Island.  After BBQ'ing dinner with my new BBQ, I unscrewed the propane canister and started to put it in the cockpit locker.  In the fading light I noticed a haze around the top of the canister.  I held it up to the light and shook the canister but I could still see a haze.  I put my finger over the top of the canister and the haze disappeared.    In a few  seconds I could feel slight pressure on my finger - the canister was leaking.  Apparently the canister valve had not reseated after unscrewing from the BBQ. If I had put the canister in the locker the fumes might have leaked below and filled the bilges.  Now I  store the canisters topside in a net bag (Jerry & Carroll McDaniel - Andromeda #928). 

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