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This page provides information about C34 upgrades, fixes, and projects. I've included the contributor's e-mail address, so you can contact the contributor if you'd like more information.

How about contributing a description of your own project to the C34 Wiki? Use the same username and password for the Wiki that you use for the C34 Message/Forum Board.

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(Note that many of these links go to Capt. Al's Upgrade Page.)

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"Westerly" "Kindred Spirit"   "Aquavite"  "Kindred Spirit" 
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"Lovepat" "Kindred Spirit"  "Aquavite"  "Kindred Spirit" 

You'll find the following here:

Note: This Project Page is no longer being updated, and is now part of our archives.
These projects have all been moved to the Tech Wiki. The Tech Wiki is frequently
updated and contains these projects and many more.

Date Added Thanks to: Project Info
4/24/2008 multiple submitters CNG Tank Refill Adapter
2/13/08 Ron Hill Modifying a Garhauer Lift
1/01/08 Mike Vaccaro Chain Plate Rebedding & Repairs [Warning: Lots of pictures, so downloading may be slow.]
11/14/07 Ron Hill Windlass inside a double door anchor well
7/09/07 Ken Juul Cockpit Table Extension
2/14/07 David Sanner M25XP Marine Diesel Rebuild
2/14/07 Stu Jackson Engine Wiring Harness Upgrade
8/15/05 Mark Elkin Electric Windlass Installation
8/11/05 Ron Hill AC Panel Lights
8/11/05 Mark Elkin Electrical System Upgrade - V3
8/10/05 Roc Palaia Mounting a Statpower Charger....
7/05/05 Mark Elkin Secondary Starter Swtich
6/18/05 Ron Hill Head Hanger Hooks
6/18/05 Ron Hill Replacing Oil Change Hose
6/11/05 Ron Hill Summer and Winter Covers
4/17/05 Ron Hill Fuel Tank Cleaning
4/12/05 Mike and Jan Smith Teak Eyebrow Replacement
4/12/05 Mike and Jan Smith Forepeak Air Conditioner Shelf
3/13/05 Jim Moe Battery Selection
3/13/05 Jim Moe Electrical System Upgrade - V2
3/13/05 John Gardner Electrical System Upgrade - V1
2/21/05 Ron Hill Engine Cover Hinge
2/21/05 Ron Hill Extra Bow Cleats
2/21/05 Ron Hill Painted Rocker Switches
2/17/05 Mike Vaccaro Primary Fuel Filter Replacement
2/15/05 Ron Hill Helmsperson Set Cushion
2/15/05 Ron Hill Extra Set of Hands
1/27/05 Bob Kuba Cabin Heater
1/05/05 Ron Hill Elliptical Rudder Modification
1/05/05 Ron Hill Repairing Injection Pump
5/26/04 Mike Vaccaro New Electrical Panel
1/14/04 Mike Vaccaro Flexible Coupling
1/12/04 Mike Vaccaro Slow Starter Fix
12/02/03 Dan Harrington Gallery Shelf
11/14/03 Mark Elkin Adjustable Cabinet Fiddles
11/4/03 Mike Smith Midship Lifeline Gates
10/28/03 Bob Kuba Salon Dinette
10/8/03 Al, Ron, Stu Solenoid for Glow Plugs (updated)
9/26/03 John Meyers Head Shelf Modification
9/26/03 John Meyers Raising The Head
7/23/03 Larry Calfee Heavy Duty Motor Mount
7/23/03 Larry Calfee Alternate Refrigerator
6/01/03 Dan Harrington & Ben Holland Mohagony Cockpit Sole Inserts
6/01/03 Victor Menasce Hammock Support
6/01/03 Ken Juul 12V Igloo Refrigerator
6/01/03 Dan Harrington V-berth Insert Velcro Strips
4/13/03 Mike Roy Nav Station Computer
4/13/03 Mike Roy Electrical Monitoring
4/14/03 Victor Menasce Dinghy Davits
4/11/03 Ron & Ken Furling Control
3/16/03 Ron Hill Salon Table Modification
3/14/03 Ron Hill Engine Mount Oil Protector
3/14/03 Ron Hill Single Hump Hose
3/09/03 Terry Clark Air Conditioning
3/01/03 Dan Harrington V-Berth Louvered Doors
2/08/03 Dan Harrington Diesel Can Storage
12/21/02 Mike Smith Anchor Windlass
11/12/02 Ken Juul MK-1 Propane Locker Upgrade
11/12/02 Mark Elkin Unswitched 12V Power Panel
11/12/02 Mark Elkin Overhead Galley Light
11/4/02 Randy Thies Outboard Motor Bracket
11/4/02 Bonnie Mitchell Air Conditioning
8/26/02 Jack Reynolds

Settee Storage for Tools

5/24/02 Tyler Combs Galley Shelf and TV/Monitor Stand
4/07/02 Dan Harrington Galley Cutting Board & Sink Cover
4/07/02 Dan Harrington Galley Safety Strap
3/04/02 Dan Harrington Re-Movable Paper Towel Rack For the galley and salon. 
2/03/02 Dan Harrington Wine Glass Rack Storage for your stemware. 
10/1/01 Mark Elkin. "Yorkshire Rose" Projects  Starter battery, wiring upgrades, plumbing, etc. 
2/17/01 Roc Palaia "Sea Life" Project Inside hatch covers to keep sun out, with pictures, 
2/17/01 Richard Brantley "Faith To Faith " Projects to build with pictures,
2/9/01 Ron Hill "Apache's" Projects with pictures,
2/9/01   Propane Tank Storage  New Tank Will NOT Fit! with pictures
12/9/00 Ron Hill Changing Engine Mounts UPDATED 7/9/01 Replacing those worn out Engine Mounts, with pictures,
10/9/00 Stu Ice Box & Galley Drain with Drawing, basic "untouched" galley drain piping with a foot-pumped "assist",
10/9/00 Gary Ivey Hatch Lens Replacement Replacing the Overhead Hatch Lens,
10/9/00 Toivo Mykkanen Brightwork Refinishing Refinishing the Exterior Teak,
8/14/00 Bill & Jayne Quinn "Illusion" all pictures, C30 but pertinent to C34's,
5/20/00 Stu and Cory "Aquavite's" Projects  with pictures,
5/15/00   Autoprop Installation with pictures
4/7/00   New Stern Rail
3/17/00   Bimini Measurements for the C34
3/12/00   M-25 Alternator Mount Conversion Kit..Do this project!
12/06/99   Pleated Shades for the Fixed Cabin Side Windows..Just like the 1999 Catalina's
11/26/99   Galley Shelf above sink area...see what other have done...many examples of what you can do! 
  Batteries and inverters
  Capt Al's Bow-Anchor-Sprit
  Cockpit upgrades
  Coffee table in place of salon table
  Counter top replacement
  Cruising Spinnaker
  Dinghy davits
  Exhaust system
  Freedom IO Inverter
  Fresh Water System Plumbing
  Galley Counter Top Removal 
  Galley Counter Top Replacement 
  Galley Shelf
  Galley upgrades
  Glow Plugs
  Head and holding tank
  Kindred Spirit Wiring Diagram
  Larger Galley Sink Drain
  Lazy Jack System
  Life Line Replacement
  Refrigeration efficiency
  Storage and shelving
  Refinishing Sole Floor and Stairs to galley to cockpit 
  Rig tuning
  Roller Furler Cleaning
  Shelves for nav. closet
  Sole panels
  Synthetic oil
  Teak Block - Halogen Light
  Teak table
  Transom bar removal
  Upgrade Pictures
  Water System Smell
  Window Pleated Shades
  Wiring Harness 




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