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Project: Galley Safety Strap

C-34 Galley Safety Strap

Despite that fact that her sea legs are pretty good, Pat has always been somewhat reluctant to go below and work in the galley when Weal Sea is pitching and rolling. On the other hand, being an Irish lass from County Waterford, she just has to have her cup of HOT tea, no matter what! Thus, I came up with the following quick one-afternoon project that is sure to please your first mate, yourself and/or that "chef" you’re planning to hire.... an easily installed galley safety strap.


(1) Two 1" x 3" oval (base) stainless steel pad eyes

(2) Two oval stainless steel or aluminum backing plates for above pad eyes (you can fabricate these)

(3) Four stainless steel fasteners, washers, and self-locking acorn nuts for pad eyes (size depends on the pad eyes you purchase)

(4) Two 3-1/8" stainless steel carabiners (buy them "without eyes"... they’re cheaper)

(5) About 7-8 ft. of 1" nylon webbing (your first mates choice of color)

(6) A spool of waxed dental floss and needle (I use floss for lots of sewing projects)


Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

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The installed safety strap is shown in Figure A. Note that the strap was intentionally mounted higher next to the stove than on the corner of the galley’s counter. This upward angling of the strap allows the user to position themselves to their right or left so that the strap braces the "small of their back", not their rump or shoulder. Also, because there is already a hole in the upper corner of the stainless steel heat flashing on the bulkhead next to the stove, you can use this hole as one of the two holes needed to mount the bulkhead pad eye (Figure B). Finally, when not in use, the strap can be disconnect from the counter pad eye (Figure C) and snapped on to the bulkhead pad eye for storage without dragging on the deck.

Dan Harrington - "Weal Sea" #1289

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