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Projects: Aquavite Projects

This page describes C34 owner Stu & Cory Jackson's Lighting and a few other Upgrades to Aquavite hull # 224. Great Job STU and CORY!


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"Chart Table"

This is where Stu puts a few of his tools for sailing and working.
Note that a flex spring was added (left) to hold the chart table open.
Below the chart table you will see the Inverter mounted on the hull wall and the trash-can for easy access.

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"Head Counter area"
Stu added (as did many others) a teak strip on the countertop to keep the water from the sink area and shower from going around to the towel area.
Lee from "Leeward" has done the same thing and added a undercut to it to drain any excess water to the bilge.

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"Lower Galley Door"
Stu and Al "Kindred Spirit" love this change.
We removed the hindge from the bottom of this door and remounted them on the right side. Gets the door of the floor, out of your foot area.

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Cabin Lights over Galley and Salon Table on "Aquavite"

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