Using Future on the Deck

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Q: Can I use "Future" (a household floor treatment) on the non-skid portions of your deck for a bright shining surface? In a previous posting someone mentioned using "Future" (a household floor treatment) on the none skid portions of his deck for a bright shining surface. We recently purchased an older boat with dull looking decks. Using Future on these area sounded good to me, but does anyone know a reason not to use it? Thanks, Larry Calfee

Note: If you decide you want to try this on your dull fiberglass non-skid areas, try the anchor locker doors and test it for slipperiness and looks. As always: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

OK I have been putting off writing about this product because a lot of people do not agree on putting anything on the grip area of the. I put "Future" (the word wax is not on the bottle) on all the non-skid areas of my c34 1986 boat. The results are in.......I will DO it again next year. Everyone wants to know how I got the decks looking so good. I like it. The bird XXX comes right off with NO staining and the deck cleans up real nice.

How did I do it? I cleaned the decks, real good. When you put the Future on you close the dirt in! Tape off the non-skid areas (I skipped this step, but you must be neat) just like you were about to that’s what you will do.....Pour the Future into a coffee can, get a nice paintbrush and start painting the Future on. Work slowly and make sure you cover ALL the area and brush so that the grooves are also painted. Do this by NOON because if you get dew on it or it gets wet, it will turn white. Been there, done that. After an hour of drying stand back and catch the decks in the sun and make sure that all areas are 100% covered, if not then take the brush and touch it up. You will know the difference because the deck comes back to its original darker color.

Only bad thing that I have to say about it is that acid in the edges of rainwater puddled on the cockpit floor and left a white ring. Also bleach if dripped on it removes it in that area. No problem, just touch it up. Capt Al, Kindred Spirit #55

Actually, Future does NOT make it slippery. Certainly didn't on our non-skid. But if you leave a wet anything (like a leaky shower bag) on it for any length of time, it will turn cloudy, i.e.: whitish.

I also have used Future on my non-skid.....and can attest to how well it works. I used a sponge to spread it around...(low tech approach)....but it is not slippery...water runs off......poop cleans up.....the only if you get it on the smooth leaves a streak...not a big deal. I found it last about 2 months. Brian Blais Impetuous C27, #3474 Narragansett Bay, RI

Future left a yellow film on the smooth gelcoat. I tried it and had to remove it all with the stripper they sell. Future does work well on the steps down on my C-28. Chet Klyn C-28 #543 FWBC Pizza Money

I did the Future on the whole deck not just the non-skid. It’s really runny, so I used a nice big sponge and did 2 coats in about 2 hours! Looked great and after about 6 months it has worn down.....Guess it's time to recoat! I'll be doing it again soon!

I told a friend about Future before getting around to doing my decks. He came back and said it turned yellowish in some areas. He believes it must be applied in the cool of the morning and yellows if put on in the heat of the day. He's redoing the yellow areas. Phil Agur