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The Catalina 34 has had at least three different engines. The

  • M-25, a 3-cyl, 21 hp engine, was installed on the the early models.
  • M-25XP (3-cyl, 23 hp) became standard in 1988.
  • M-30, a 4-cylinder producing 28hp, became an optional engine about the same time and is standard in the Mark II.

All are produced under the Universal Motors brand (now Westerbeke Corporation). Due to lack of available supplies, the factory occasionally installed a Yanmar engine (note: Yanmars are higher-compression engines, which do not require glow plugs).

Operators, Parts, Service Manuals AND Factory Service Bulletins AND Transmision Manuals


CRITICAL UPGRADES includes a lot of engine information: Critical Upgrades http://c34.org/bbs/index.php/topic,5078.0.html

RESOURCES - good M25 engine information,from a C36 owner

Spares for a Long Cruise


Bleeding 101 http://c34.org/bbs/index.php/topic,6377.0.html


The first part pertains more to C30's with M-25s/Oberdorfer pumps, than to M-25XPs -- but it's interesting background anyway.... 
The second part pertains to all those with Ob pumps, and is subtitled "Yes, you're right ...but we don't tell customers that."
-- KWKloeber 15 May 2015
Thanks to Ken for that one, I'm tired of repeating it. - Stu  5/25/2015
  • Engine Thermostats
 M-25/XP/XPA; 35/A; early M-25XPB (to March 1998) use these 38mm diameter thermostats:
 160*F - Universal p/n 301358 or Kubota p/n 1E399-73010 (replaces 19203-73014, 19203-73013, 19203-73010.)
 180*F - Kubota p/n 15531-73014 (replaces 15531-73013, 15531-73011.)
 38mm Gasket - Universal p/n or Kubota p/n 16851-73270 (replaces 15676-73270, 15531-73270, 15676-73272.)
 Later M25-XPBs (after March 1998) 44mm 160* F thermostat
 Universal p/n 201001 or Kubota p/n 19434-73014 (replaces 19434-73010, 19434-73013)
 44mm Gasket - Universal p/n 298843 or Kubota p/n ?
  • Recent update: THERMOSTAT BYPASS HOLE See Service Bulletin #107, Kubota Tstats likely won’t have a bypass hole, so drill a 1/8” hole, or two, thru the inside edge of its flange so that there is a constant coolant flow thru the exhaust manifold when the Tstat is closed.
Thermostat with bypass holes.jpg

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Exhaust System

The hot exhaust gases are mixed with cooling water in the exhaust elbow and water muffler on their way to the exhaust outlet in the stern of the boat.



[NOTE] The filter interchanges at the above OTT website can't necessarily be trusted; double-check if you use them. 
For instance, OTT lists NAPA p/n 3389 for both fuel and lube application. 
I brought this to OTT's attention and suggested they correct its list.  OTT asked ME to provide THEM
all the correct interchange numbers  nd they would revise the website.
I don't THINK so. :-) --KWKloeber 21:33, 29 June 2014 (PDT)


Misc Projects

Shaft & Propeller

Also of Interest

Westerbeke/Universal now has the owner manuals online. You can download them at http://www.westerbeke.com/Products/OnlineManuals.aspx

Kubota Block Equivalents (you have to scroll down) http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/showthread.php?10241-Universal-5432-amp-M40-engine-information&highlight=kubota+block