Bomar Hatch Dog identification

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Information from Bomar on how to identify the type of hatch dog.

1) The first two digits of the serial number are the year the hatch is made. Mine was 860...., which means that it was made in 1986 (my boat is an 88') and they don't make the direct replacement mushroom cap any more for that old of a hatch. They do make a replacement cap/handle assembly though.

2) Remove the handle and check the end of the mushroom cap where the handle attaches. If the end of the mushroom cap shaft is square, then this is the new style and you can order just a replacement mushroom cap for $9 (this means that the mushroom cap/handle was previously replaced). If the end is round, then this is the old style/original mushroom cap and you will have to buy a complete mushroom/latch assembly that will replace the old.