Battery Monitoring

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By Mike Roy, Cat's Paw #1373

When I installed a separate starting battery behind the engine, I put its circuit through a separate on-off battery switch. The switch is proximate to the circuit breaker panel for convenience and because the house bank can be used to start the engine in an emergency. Also, one of the panel's voltmeters now monitors the starting battery. The two 4D batteries were combined to serve as the house bank. Those are monitored by a Link 10. The photo shows where I put the starting battery switch and the Link 10. The photo also shows the location of a 12 V plug receptacle which is used primarily to power a 300W inverter and the ship's computer.

The placement of these components is quite convenient.

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Mark Elkin, Yorkshire Rose #133

After running down my batteries a couple times, I decided Y.Rose needed a smart device than me for watching the batteries. The shunt was mounted in the battery box. And the monitor gauge went here. I might have done the same as Mike did above, but there was no room next to the switch panel. But plenty of room in/around the other instruments. Click image to enlarge