Tachometer Malfunction Q&A

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While cruising the last few days, my tachometer got sick, then died. I believe the sensor is wired to the alternator and is mounted nearby in the engine compartment. I checked the wiring there, and behind the tachometer gauge. Haven't yet checked with a multimeter. Does the tach normally fail after five years use?

  • My tach also died last year, but it was the hour meter that failed, not the RPM indication. They are expensive ($125, I believe), and I am going to take mine apart to see if I can fix it. They are not normally repairable, because the cases are sealed. If the hour meter is not running, then you might just have a poor power supply wire to the tach. Otherwise, check the sense lead that runs back to the alternator. If the alternator is producing current, then the sense terminal out of the alternator should be sending the signal properly. Ralph Caruso