Installing a Galley Light

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By Mark Elkin, Yorkshire Rose #133

I wanted (needed?) more light in my galley than was provided by the stock lights around the edges of the salon. A trip to West Marine (or your favorite chandlery) should give you plenty of options. I chose a two bulb 12V compact florescent fixture. Mounting it above the galley space was no sweat. But tastefully running the wires was a trick. At first, I used those sticky backed plastic guides but they "unstuck" within a month.

So I got serious and made guides from teak trim batons. It was easy to cut a channel down the back side with a table saw. Then, over a week's time, I "bent" the teak so that it would more closely conform to the curvature of the cabin roof. The teak guides were attached with brass oval head screws. Personally, I don't mind seeing the screw heads and the extra effort to recess and hide them behind teak plugs just wasn't worth the extra effort. (But that's just my opinion.)

Galley-light-yorkshire rose.jpg

An Alternative Lighting Installation Plus Fridge Hinges

By Susan Allegro #431 (1987) Ala Wai Harbor, Honolulu Hawaii


Allegro had the original fluorescent light over the frig. I replaced with a retro-looking West light, using existing wiring, and liked it so well added another over the stove by splicing into the wires running from the new light in the cabinate, using heat-shrink connectors.

Also, there were no hinges on frig so I added those that will slide out, so I could take off the top when defrosting, by putting 1/4" teak blocks behind the hinge on the board holding in the dishes to get correct position on lid to open. Works great. Then attached a small carved teak l-shaped piece, with washers so it can swivel, above lid that holds it up when swiveled over small edge on fridge.