Atkins & Hoyle 1900 Davits Installation

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By Victor Menasce, Maple Sugar

In this simple project, the Atkins & Hoyle 1900 Davits were installed on our C34, Mark II. At first, I spent a lot of time measuring to see if the whole system could be made to work. The concerns were over the span of the davits, and the curvature of the transom. A small nylon plate was cut to the size of the mounts and shaped to match the curvature of the transom. Three holes were drilled on each side for the mounts. The bottom plate is in compression, so I didn't worry too much about backing plates. Large washers were sufficient. The top portion of the davits attach directly above to the stern rail. This has the effect of adding quite a lot of load to the stern rail. There is a large unsupported span from the forward end of the pushpit to the integrated seat. I have since added one more stanchion post to ease the load and reduce the risk of deforming the railing.

I found the quality of the Atkins and Hoyle product to be superb.

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