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Project: "Faith To Faith" Projects


This page describes C30 owner Richard Brantley's Upgrade Woodworking Projects to "Faith To Faith"  # 4612.
Great Richard Brantley!
Please contribute yours!


Easy Project Using Plastic Rail Clips
There are these plastic blocks that are designed to hold plastic dodger windows off the metal frames. I have found a new use for them on my C30. I used them to attach items to the stern rail. They have been in service for about a year and no problems. They come in two sizes 7/8" & 1" so get the right size for your rail. I added a Velcro strap for security and attached with one SS screw. For the cockpit speakers I ran the speaker wire through the bilge blower hose just where it joins the metal deck scoop and sealed with 5200 and added sealed terminals to the speaker wires so they can be easily disconnected and stowed below.
Richard Brantley
Catalina 22 # 1276 "Good Friday"
Catalina 30 #4612 " Faith To Faith"
Oriental, NC


Re: Easy Project Using Plastic Rail Clips
Richard, those are great ideas! There is one other kind of bracket that I have only found in West Marine in the transom ladder area. They are clips for 1" rails with the hole already in the center. These are what I use for the quick Release Perch Seats that I make. See the brackets in the first column "style-1 clip" on the page at
Maybe you can come up with some more uses?
Capt Al,  alwsail@aol.com
C34 "Kindred Spirit" #55

Easy Project for Companionway Cover
Last year I built this wood frame with nylon screen to drop in the companionway of my C30. As the season changed I added the snap on Sunbrella and vinyl cover. The unit stows under the steps when not in use.
Richard Brantley,  richardbrantley@hotmail.com
Catalina 22 # 1276 "Good Friday"
Catalina 30 #4612 " Faith To Faith"
Oriental, NC

Vinyl cover has Sunbrella sewn around the edge
and button cover snaps added to hold to frame.

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