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Voyages: San Diego to Honolulu

Garry Grofcsik sailed Royono from San Diego to Honolulu single handed.        (Royono # 440)

In July of 1995, I sailed Royono from San Diego to Honolulu single handed. The passage took 18 days and was delightful. I'd do it again tomorrow. I had fair winds and following seas virtually all the way. The greatest thrill was sighting the Halawa Head on Molokai at dawn on the eighteenth day and roaring past Molokai with a 30 knot trade wind behind me. The seas in the channel between Molokai and Oahu were running about 18 feet as I crossed in the afternoon. I tied up in the Keehi Lagoon at about 5 PM, although I had it in my mind to continue on to Kauai before stopping.

The passage was an experience I will never forget and I was so proud of the boat that I cried while I was motoring up the Keehi Channel.

I wouldn't trade my Catalina 34, Royono (means Happy Home on the Water) for anything.

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