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Voyages: The Keys

By Craig and Nancy McAllaster

In January of 1999 Nancy and I left Port Canaveral for a trip to the Keys. Unfortunately the cold weather and continual fronts made it impossible to go off-shore and save time. So an extended trip down the intercoastal ending in Biscayne Bay. A ten day adventure with a lot of time to think and enjoy "Voyager." Our C34 really proved itself on the trip and was a real joy. A lot of bridges to go through - many of which are on timed schedules which really slows things down.

Looking down the Intercoastal near Fort Pierce. A busy time during the weekday in January.
The public marina at Vero Beach, inexpensive moorings and a lot of Winter residents.
Verobch.jpg (9684 bytes) A view looking out of Vero Beach Public Marina towards the Intercoastal.
Jupiter.jpg (10288 bytes) The Jupiter Lighthouse looking out to the Atlantic from the Intercoastal.
Frenchma.jpg (10543 bytes) The new bridges near Frenchmans Marina, a good place to spend the night. Protected, great facilities and some interesting transient neighbors for the night.

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