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Owners Database

The C34 Owners Database is designed to foster mutual self-help and the growth of community among Catalina 34 owners. In exchange for posting your entry, I ask that you volunteer to share information (via e-mail) about one or more technical or operational aspects of the C34 about which you have some expertise (new owners/sailors excepted, of course). 

Please note that submitting an entry to this database ISN'T the same thing as joining the Association! To join, the C34 National Association, please fill out and mail the membership application.

Directions:  Fill out the following form, and click the Submit button. After you click Submit, you'll see a message indicating that your contribution was successfully sent.

C34 Owners Database Registration Form

Please be sure to fill out the information marked with an asterisk. The rest is optional. Please don't type in all caps -- thanks.

* Model year If you're not sure about this, find out what your HIN is -- it includes the model year (REQUIRED). To find your HIN, look at your boat's insurance policy or survey. Catalina HINs start with CTY and are followed by a bunch of numbers. See the HIN page for an explanation.
* Hull number  Don't know your hull number? Read this!
* Boat name If your boat's name is unusual, please consider submitting an entry for the boat name page
* General location (REQUIRED) For example, San Francisco Bay, Southern Chesapeake Bay
* Owners' name(s) (first, last)
* E-mail address Important: please double- (AND TRIPLE) check your typing. No spaces. Please don't leave out the stuff after the @ sign. A complete address looks like this: mymailbox@aol.com
* Rig type (standard or tall)
* Keel type (wing or fin)
* Date purchased (month, year)
  Upgrades you've done since you bought the boat (i.e., electronics, new sails, etc.) (OPTIONAL)
  Upgrades you're planning to do in the future (OPTIONAL)
  Longest/most notable voyage (OPTIONAL). You can submit a short description for the database, or a longer description -- I'll post the longer description to the voyages page!
* Info you're willing to share by e-mail. Please state AT LEAST ONE SPECIFIC thing that you'd be willing to explain if somebody contacted you by e-mail i.e., Seaward control panel upgrade, windlass, electrical harness upgrade, cruising spinnaker, sole panel refinishing, interior varnishing, Dutchman flaking system, new rigging, new sails. Please note that this isn't required of new owners.
  Info you need (please state one or more SPECIFIC thing you really need help with -- i.e., intermittent current to anchor light)
  COMMENT (Optional) Anything you'd like to share with other C34 owners.

If you are the new owner(s) of this boat, please mention the fact that you have purchased it from the provious owner(s), and state their name(s), so that it is clear that the ownership has changed.

* SUBMIT (REQUIRED) You'll see a confirmation message. Click your browser's Back button to return to this page; you can then go elsewhere in this site. Click here to send this information!


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Please note that your information won't appear in the database right away -- it goes to an actual human being who checks it out before it's posted. The update might not appear right away, owing to the totally unreasonable demands of our day jobs. At the extreme (during really busy periods), I might not be able to update the site for several months. Sorry - this is a volunteer operation. 


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