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Catalina 34 Names Database


Adventure Gallery (#643)

In searching for an orginal, meaningful name, I researched the name of the boat from a possible distant relative, Captain Kidd. His famous boat was the "Adventure Galley". My C34 now sails Narragansett Bay, treasure map included.

Air Goddess (#584)

My wife Connie was a flight attendant for TWA. The women in that business jokingly referred to themselves as Air Goddesses and the name seemed appropriate for the boat


My boat's name, ANDANTE, was given to it by its first owner, the guy I bought it from.    At first I didn't care for it, and I intended to change it as soon as I thought of something better.  But it has grown on me over the years, and I think I'll keep it.  The harbormaster at Spud  Point Marina in Bodega Bay looked it up for me in a dictionary last summer, and according to him it means "moderately slow".  That suited me fine, since I rarely race and when I do it's strictly for fun (Mark Weitkamp)

Anyway (#1368)

The boat we had before had a perfect name. We called our Catalina 28 MK II "RAINBOWS END". We considered this boat as a pot of gold (at the end of the rainbow). We would have liked to give our new Catalina 34 mkII the same name, but were afraid that that would bring bad luck.Therefor we had to think of a new name. "ANYWAY" means something to us like "what ever". ANYWAY stands for sailing where the wind blows and to love sailing so much that it may cost a lot of money. ANYWAY symbolizes our belief that you cannot force nature when sailing, but to take it as it is. The reason we have given our boat an English name is because we want to be sure as possible that coastguard stations in every country and other ships immediately can understand the name of our boat in case of emergency (Jan-Willem Allersma)

Apache (#788)

In 1968, I was the Commander of an Air Cavalry Unit in South Vietnam.  My unit's name was APACHE, with my radio call sign being "APACHE-6".  Later, as Test Director for the Army's AH-64 Attack Helicopter, I found it ironic that its name would become  "APACHE".  When I bought my first sailboat in 1981, I named it APACHE and carried that name forward to my C-34.  My namesake Attack Helicopter performed exquisitely during Desert Storm--almost as good as the sailing vessel it was named after!  Ron Hill

Aquavite (#224)

Aqua = water, Vite = fast in French (most folks will probably think we're a Swedish liquer).

Avalon (#912)

Legend tells us that King Arthur's home after death was named Avalon. Also, the beautiful resort town on Santa Catalina Island near Los Angeles is called Avalon.

Since I bought the C34 after retiring from a job in Los Angeles and it would become my summer home away from home, my non-sailing wife and I decided Avalon was the most suitable name.

Bajan (#893)

My Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather were all born on the Island of Barbados. The people of Bardados call each other Bajans just as we call each other Americans. We decided to go back to being Bajan. We know that changing boat names can be bad medicine but, we are sure the spirits of our ancestors will watch over us and bless our boat.

Banshee (#46)

She screams like a banshee! (Ralph and Anne Neiger)

Bear Territory (#1421)

We are both avid Cal football and basketballs fans (that's the University of California at Berkeley). The Cal mascot is the golden bear. A few years ago a chant sprung up which has gained considerable acceptance on the occasion of a game about to be won. It goes:

You know it, you tell the story, You tell the whole damn world this is BEAR TERRITORY

Well, it seemed only fitting that our boat, which we intend to race, be also called Bear Territory. Naturally, the spinnaker will be blue and gold (David and Sherry Smith).

Blondes Preferred (#???)

I happen to have a passion for women with blonde hair, they are usually very happy and fun to be with. Not that I don't like to look at brunettes and redheads, but Prefer blondes. Hense, that's how I came up with the name.

Boogedy (#832)

The first owner named her "Boogedy". We never thought about changing it because our first 2 boat names we changed and had very bad luck (not Catalinas). The first owner said the name had to do with a Disney movie. The name has grown on us and we really like it. To me it means rock and roll and sometimes on the great lakes that is what you do, so I think the name fits.

California Roll (#295)

We were in a Sushi bar right after we bought the boat and were sort of over served on saki when the naming of the boat and our new cat came up. We bandied a few names about when I looked down at my plate and said, "California Roll" and the name stuck. (MY friends 27 Catalina was named Sweet Roll" so it all made sense to us.)

The cat was named "Niko" which is Japanese for cat and the evening was complete. I still have California Roll but the cat provided a coyote a dinner shortly there after so Niko is gone but California Rool is alive and well in Alimitos Bay here in Long Beach.

Carina (#304)

Carina means keel in Latin. It is also the name of a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere (Michael Weaver)

Captaurus (#1179)

We named our boat after our Bith Signs. My wife, Sharon, is a Capricorn and I am a Taurus. We put the two names together and came up with Captaurus.

Captivated ( #1285)

While vacationing in Florida, we were driving along the barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva. As we admired the view of the Gulf of Mexico with the sun setting on the water we were reading the names of the signs along the road. My wife noticed a sign which read "Captivated" and she remarked that should we ever buy another boat that would be a great name for it. Three months later we bought our 34, (which had never been named), and found the decision was an easy one.

Cat's Paw (#1360)

In sailing terms, a cat's paw is a light air that ruffles the surface of the water in irregular patches during a calm. These calms were things that we were familiar with in July and August on the Chesapeake Bay. This is the definition we use when people ask us about the boat's name. A cat's paw is also a hitch in the bight of a rope made to form two "eyes" into which a tackle can be hooked.

Finally, a cat's paw is a tool, and also a "person used by another as a tool." This definition comes to play when the captain asks the crew to raise the anchor from an exceptionally muddy bottom after a night of 25 knot winds, and the crew replies, "I'm not your X*spam-no-more*#OX cat's paw."

Champagne Lady (#380)

We tried for several weeks to come up with a new name for our boat when we purchased it. We met several times. Evan bought a boat name book. However, we never agreed on anything and decided to keep the name that was on it. It was the best we could come up with as we all liked it. Probably was the reason we bought it! (Conrad Vanino II)

Charley's Angel (#1095)

She survived the direct hit of hurricane Charley in 2004. Our old Hunter 30 was not so fortunate.

ChriSea (#832)

When we bought the boat,her name was BOOGEDY. My partner is named Chris. As a child her family called her Chrissy. So, I sucked up real good and suggested we rename her ChriSea. Chris agreed.

Cross Fade (#1510)

My company creates and produces videos, films and commercials. Cross Fade is a term used to describe two different scenes fading against one another. It is a deviced used primarily to denote a transition in time.

Delirious (#2015)

Our new C34 was on order and we were at a friend's house one winter evening discussing sailboats (they sail a newer C36). At that time we had lists of boat names, but none of them had truly appealed to us. At some point RuthEllen, my wife, suggested we sell our homes, resign, and take our boats South. I told her she was delirious. We each said "That's It!" simultaneously.

DELIRIOUS: Wild with excitement, enthusiasm. Affected with or characteristic of  a more or less temporary disorder of the mental faculties, as in fevers, disturbances of consciousness, or intoxication. Characterized by excitement, delusions, hallucinations, etc. A state of violent excitement or emotion.

That is sailing as I know it; at least when the wind is favorable.

Despido (#1029)

Well original name was Cherokee Rose upon purchase. Our club already had another vessel by that name. So what to do what to do. A friend went to other languages to find unusual names U'hane(Hawaiian peace). So I started looking and found Despido, Portuguese for Naked. Is there any other way to sail in Sunny Florida?

Donnybrook (#1010)

Well, my wife and I are a mixed marriage, I am a MSU grad, & Mary's a U of M grad. A problem to start!I'm Irish & she's German...more problems, when under sail, it's a DONNYBROOK That's how we settle the problems! About the only thing we agree on is a drink of "Burnett's Gin" after we set the hook ! (Richard & Mary Horan)

Dolphin's Wake (#334)

My wife loves Dolphins, and likes nothing better than sighting them at sea, hence the name (Bob Duffey).

Dun Wish'n (#1488)

Had everyone over for a house party and each person through a name in the hat. After a few drinks and food my wife and I went through all  the names and picked one we liked the best. The name came from a boat seen in Nova Scotia.

Equilibrium (#1554)

My wife thought that we needed balance to our lives... hence the name, Equilibrium.

Exile (#1325)

The name "Exile" is a gift from the recording artist Enya (listen to that song). The name coincidentaly also currently describes our current spiritual predicament.

Fainche (#505)

"FAINCHE" was a mythical Irish saint, who, when threatened with marriage, threw herself into the "LUFF ARN" (river) and swam underwater to the sea. It isn't easy finding an unused name for your boat!

First Light (#1497)

Our Catalina 28 was named C'est Si Bon but wanted to select a new name for our new C34, knowing that such a change was risky. My wife Cam and I purchased a book of boat names and began a tedious study, including selective elimination until we culled the list to three names. We selected First Light which matches our lifestyle - both of us being early birds, and often awaking at "first light". We enjoy the head turning as folk spot our boat with the large graphic name First Light added prominently on the aft portion of the hull.

FlyingJenny (#1467)

My girlfriend (wife now) and I were having a hard time coming up with a new for my first boat. That's when a good friend of ours said I should name it after the two things I love most in life (sailing not included). My job(pilot) and my Wife Jennifer. It's our third boat and the name remains the same....


My wife and I were boatless for ten years prior to aquiring Freedom. We devoted our lives to raising a family of two children and four dogs. So when the kids grew up we decided to get back into sailing. We chose Freedom because that is what we experienced after raising the kids. And now the kids care for the dogs when we are sailing, Such a deal.

Fullshell (#1440)

ur son-in-law had an oyster farm on Tomales Bay just north of San Francisco which I helped him with. It was called HalfShell Oyster. He picked up a Catalina 22 and of course named it Halfshell. Our grandson has also taken up sailing on the bay. When we purchased our Catalina 34 this year there was no question of the name. Our boat is called Fullshell, our son-in-laws' boat is Halfshell and our grandsons'is Quartershell.

Glory B (#589)

My wife's name is Glory Ann (Glory A). I named our boat "Glory B" as they both require lots of love, money, and work.I have to deal with a or b sometimes both. If A ever leaves I can just add gone to the B (Frank Tompa).

Gone with the Wind (#709)

I will sail at a moments notice.  I live aboard and actively sail this vessel.   I keep her tidy below to expedite leaving the slip.  Therefore I can be "Gone with the Wind."

Gorbash (#1268)

Gorbash was named after one of the dragons in the kid's movie "Flight of Dragons". Needless to say, our two boys had something to do with the naming process.

Gravity Storm (#1278)

We named our first real cruising boat, a Beneteau F265, the Gravity Storm. We are BIG Jimmy Buffet fans. There was a song on the Off To See The Lizard album, Gravity Storm. We liked the way it sounded, and the words rand true. Since our original S/V Gravity Storm was docked at Lake Lanier, GA. and land locked, after we sold her and bought the C34 we wanted to keep the name. We get asked about it all the time. We treat her like a Lady, and sail her on Mother Ocean although cannons don't thunder and there's nothing to plunder, and we miss her when we're gone.

Gryphon (#821)

Original owner's name was Griffin. A Gryphon is a mythological beast with the head of an eagle on the body of a lion (Doug and Marcy Sanford).

Guac Amore (#1442)

Guac Amore is a euphemism for 'love guacamole' & the name for this boat fits for many reasons....she's berthed in Southern California, a State famous for growing the best tasting avocados in the world. The owner has an Italian heritage, and we all know that when the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's Amore! And finally, the name was inspired by the hunter green interior cushions and a canvas package on the dodger and sail covers that closely resembles the color of guacamole. That's Guac Amore!

Hope She Floats

Husband fixed holes with stuff that repairs cracks in swimming pools. She didn't always float!!! We would tie her up to the nearest out-island for the day, then bale her out & head for home.

Ibis (#1338)

The whole boat name selection process was much more challenging then anyone in our family might have imagined.  Some names were too formal, others too cute.Most didn't represent how we are or how we approach life.  It consumed hours of research and discussion.  In fact, we still hadn't decided on a name until walking into the office to fill out federal documentation forms.  An Ibis is any one of a variety of horn billed wading birds common to the more tropical climes.  It also happens to be the mascot for my alma mater, the University of Miami (FL) sports teams.  Coincidentally, the day before documentation, the whole family received from Grandma in south Miami a package that contained four sweatshirts with the Ibis logo....that clinched it (Mark Rochlin). 

'Imi Loa (#582)

'Imi Loa is Hawaiian for "Voyager" or "Traveller" which is what we hope to be doing very soon.  It can
also mean "Seeker" which is appropriate because I was in the middle of a search for my birth parents
when we bought her (Greg & Cathy Sherwood).

INIS SUI (#951)

INIS SUI (pronounced iniss swee) Gaelic for Isle of Joy

Inspiration (#22)

I named it because in my business, Jewelry, one needs as much inspiration as possible to do it well. That means I have to spend a lot of time working on "Inspiration". If I don't then I can't afford "Inspiration". As you can see it's a vicious cycle but someone has to do it.

Joie de Vie (#554)

In short...it's French for Joy of Life. That's what sailing is to me!!! Marina=Fishing Bay Harbor Marina, Deltaville, Virginia.

Juliana (#680) 

Juliana's previous owner told me how she brought his family through a violent Chesapeake Bay squall with 75 mph winds -- and I thought, "She's not only beautiful, but she's a fighter." Juliana is the name of a fighting saint described in a 10th century Celtic poem by Cynewulf, and is the early Roman form of my daughter Julia's name (Bryan Pfaffenberger). 

Kemosabe (#344)

There's a Far Side birthday card showing the Lone Ranger retired. He finds out that Kemosabe is Apache for horse's rear end.


My boyfriend is Dutch, and one of the first words I learnt ( cant remmeber why!) was " kikker" which means frog.....so the boat became " Kikkertje" which means Little Frog in Dutch

Kindred Spirit (#55)

Our Catalina is the 3rd boat we have sailed together as a couple. Both of our previous boats were ones in need of tender loving care and attention after sitting on land for numerous years. Alan has a real knack for rescuing ships in distress! When we decided a Catalina 34 was the boat we really wanted, we began to search and search. Most were out of our price range, until Alan found one, on land for 2 years, filthy and tired-looking. When we began to work on her, we knew her name had to be "Kindred Spirit"- like her predecessors, she would be rescued. We have only owned her for two months but already she is sailing again and looking like a Catalina should! Alan and Michele Watson

Lady Di (#596)

The boat had another name when I was married to my last wife...probably no one else has ever had this problem. Anyway, on the day we were married on a beautiful 100 foot 1929 motoryacht in Newport Beach harbor, the ceremony was performed off the stern of our boat. I had the name of the boat changed that day, to Lady DI, so that as my new wife, Diane, came down the aisle on the top deck of the motoryacht amongst our guests, she could see the stern of our boat, with the new name!! However, there was one little problem. As she approached me as I stood waiting for her with my best man, she began to cry...and her sister who was her maid of honor kept telling her to look at the boat!! Of course, she did not have her glasses (Bill Hendrick).

Lady Di  (#1119)

My current (& last) wife never knew I had desired a sailboat for the past 18 years. After September 11, reflecting on what was important in life, and getting older, this topic got discussed. Unbelievalbly, Dianne told me I should get that boat I always wanted and enjoy life now. I started looking at C25's and it grew to the C34 we now have (understanding all the negotiations one goes through as the price increases geometrically). The boat was named by the previous owner but did not fit our image. Dianne suggested "Chardonnay Lady" (after all she supported my dream) but I told her I could never pronouce it correctly on the radio (Southern accent), let alone spell it! So we comprimised with "LADY DI", becasue both are beautful and wonderful "ladies"(but still full of excitement).I used four bottles of good champane and all the proper prayers to decommission and to then re-commission her. Then the Coast Guard took nearly 8 months to re-document her. But she has been nothing but pleasure (and expense) and the name will follow (II) in later years if I can ever talk her into a "larger Catalina" on the coast.

Lady J (#1281)

After a "spirited" discussion over Christmas dinner for which there was no consensus among four of us, we just decided to change the name from Lady Z to Lady J. Turns out to be a good name. (Ken and Shirley Jones)

La Vita (#1666)

Aside from work, for over thiry five years of outdoorlife, primarily camping, skiing and boating, has been a way of life for us. As we had children, they too became seasoned sailors. La vita means "the life " in Italian. Our 34' was named and christened one cold sunny day in November 2003 in honour of those lives in our family,past,present and those to come. Being on the ocean is truly a wonderful way of life. Family is very important to us as well, so the chosen name is most appropriate. We look forward to the day when perhaps we'll have a new generation join us for "the life" aboard La Vita.

Lil-Tiger (#65)

My Wife went to LSU and they are called the tigers; She is very dedicated to LSU (Louisiana state University)as is her family. She told me i can pick the boat but she has to pick the name... What a deal.

Loco Viento

Loco Viento means crazy wind in spanish. The grammer is wrong, but it stands for we are crazy for strong winds. (Glen Herman)

Luna Loca (#1090

Our last 4 years of my Navy career were spent in Spain. Love the country, love the people, love the food and drink. Vicki has always had an afinity for the moon, full moon week each month is an event. We have always thought Luna had a special ring to it...combined with our memories of our time in Spain.... and our habitual crazyness...Luna Loca is the result.

Lyssa (#393)

When my wife and I adopted our first boat, a 26' sloop, we anguished over her name.    The search took the entire winter.  We wanted a name that sounded like a traditional sailboat name, and had significant meaning for us.  When I discovered the name Lyssa, and my wife discovered that at its root was the Greek word for "madness", that cinched it!  With our adoption of our 1987 Catalina 34 (#393) this year, we could do no less than give her the same name (Pete Smullen).

Maple Sugar (#1539)

We live in Canada and wanted to have a name that would be meaningful, fun, spirited and just plain fit comfortably. We were walking through the Harbourfront Antinque Market in Toronto tossing out names. There were several good ones, but this one just seemed to stick. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the complementary name for our dinghy which we called Taffy.

Mariposa ( #1408)

Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly which pretty well describes sailing

Me Own' QE, b.m.e

We wanted the name to be a little different so...it is My own Queen Elizabeth..since this is our second boat and we wanted to keep the same name but did not want it to be II or something along those lines....and...I play a bagpipe and Scottish bands have such things as Drum Majors abbr. D.M. or Pipe Majors, P.M. and Quarter Masters, Q.M we decided to have initials also....as follows....b = bigger, m = more, e =expensive... That's it hope it all makes sense to you (Gib Loesel a/k/a Pipes88)

Meriah II (#1065)

"They Call the Wind Maria" from Paint Your Wagon was the inspiration and driving force to name our last two boats Meriah and now Meriah II. My wife, Roberta, and I thought it was a good name and would always keep us in a good wind (Gerry & Roberta Misener, St. Louis, MO).  

Morning Dew (#833)

My daughter and I discussed, debated and argued over various names and ideas for renaming our (new to us) Catalina 34.
We narrowed it down to Idiot Wind (an old Dylan tune) and two Grateful Dead tunes: Sugaree and Morning Dew. We woke each morning to all three songs. We decided that Morning Dew just seemed to make sense. Our next dinghy will become Idiot Wind :)

Music (#1583)

Our first boat was a 28MkII Named "Slow Dancer" and that's a long story. Our new 34 is named Music after the Crosby,Stills & Nash song "Southern Cross". We love the singers and the song and the name made perfect sense. I play guitar and Southern Cross is one of my favorites to strum and sing.

Nachas (#579)

It's simple, my wife named it! (Peter Resnik)

Nauticlew (#427)

We made a decision to sell our powerboat and buy a sailboat last winter. Our sailing friends were so happy they bought us videos and books to read while it was snowing outside, thinking that we would know everthing we always wanted to know about sailing by the time it was spring and we could put the boat in the water. After watching these videos over and over, my husband asked me if I was understanding all of this and I responded with "No, I have no clue what they are talking about." That was it. The boat is Nauticlew, and it certainly fits for now. We are really having fun learning.

Ohana (#1149)

Boat came that way when we bought it, had great graffics so we left it,OHANA means "Home" or "Family Home" in Hawaiian

Painkiller (#1320)

We're from Scottsdale Arizona and Painkiller is berthed in San Diego   (Californians call us "Zonies" as we invade their beaches and enjoy their   beautiful weather in the summer ) She's our escape capsule from a hard week at   the office and helps kill the pain of 110 degree desert heat. Painkiller is also   our favorite drink, one which we got a taste for during our many charter trips   to the Virgin Islands, so stepping aboard will always conjure up fond memories.   Contact us for our "secret recipe" !

Panache (#643)

When Kay and I bought our first Catalina (27) for Chesapeake Bay, it already had the name PICCANTE. We were going to change it, but neither of us came up with a name we were excited about and she grew on us; we eventually decided to keep it, as the image of tartness, freshness, etc. was perfect for the little 27-footer.

When we bought our first Moorings charter boat in the BVI, the 38 seemed enormous to us. The idyllic BVI was so therapeutic, we decided on PANACEA. When we named her in 1990, we had never seen the name on another boat. Little did we know that within two years, BoatUS would list that name among its "top ten" sailboat names!

Then we sold PICCANTE and moved up to our Cat34 #643 for our "home boat", we couldn't break what now seemed like a tradition, and looked for an appropriate name that started with "P". Keeping a bit of the meaning of PICCANTE was also important to us, and we hit upon PANACHE as the perfect boat name for us, since we view ourselves as somewhat unconventional, a little brash, but hopefully with a bit of style as well.

And the best part was that when and if we decided to bring PANACEA home, we could also change its name to PANACHE by buying only two new letters! (-; The potential for cost savings carried the day!

The only trouble I have is when someone who doesn't know the word tries to hail me and invariably comes up with "PAN-ACHE" (rhymes with pancake).(John Hakemian)

Panache (#982)

The boat has a certain flair and the day we bought it we ate a a restaurant named Panache (Robert Schall)

Post Tension (#1499)

I am a structural engineer, sometimes doing work on concrete buildings that are reinforced with post-tensioned (PT) steel cables. My weekend time on the boat is relaxing, frequently following (post) a tension filled work week. The stays are tensioned by the mast (post tensioned). Other engineer's usually recognise the meaning.

Premier Cru '92 (#1202)

Got the name with the boat just purchased (1/2002). The name derives from the 1855 wine classification ordered by Napolean III. Of the 58 chateaux rated, only four were given Premier Cru status. Built in 1992, a somewhat "free" translation of the boat name is "Best of the '92 vintage".

Puff (#19)

My wife and I could not agree on an appropriate name as this was our third sailboat and we both had strong feelings that the name had to "fit". Our grandson came sailing with us one of our first weekends and he immediately said this is like "Puff, the magic dragon's boat". It is accented in forest green and Puff was a favorite story of his. Given that all sailors are looking for that energy lift that a good strong puff will provide, we quickly agreed that "Puff" she would be. We added a graphic of a dragon and the name Puff to both sides of the boat. We are constantly being complemented about the name and graphic. It is one that everyone seems to remember.

Rapparee (#232)

When I purchased my first boat in 1978 on the 4th of July I left for a five week honeymoon in Britain and Ireland shortly thereafter. Upon returning home I was sitting at my bar listining to the Clancy Bothers and Tommy Machem sing a medly of Irish rebel songs when I heard "The Outlaw Rapparee", my boat was named. The "Rapparees" were Irish freebooters (Robin Hoods), the remnants of Bonnie Prince Charley's Army that was defeated by King Billy and had to hide in the hills or face the hangman. My C 34 is my third "Rapparee".

Reposant (#657)

Like most people we had a hard time finding a name we thought fit the boat, and what we thought that it would bing us. "Reposant" is French for restful or relaxing. I think that it has been a good choice of names, because we never think about work when we are at the boat.(Mark Van Bunnen)

Rio Blues

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where my husband and I met and were married. We have since had "the blues" for Rio.

Rosalina (#1521)

My wife's name is Rose and as a full partner in enjoying the boat, we decided to combine Rose with Catalina, hence Rosalina. In UK waters it is not a common name,it is relatively easy to communicate on VHF and has a little Spanish warm
weather sound to it.

Royal T (#1363)

Our boat is being paid for by royalty payments that I receive for a high school chemistry textbook I wrote. But rather than call it Royalty, we decided to use a slight variation based on our last name. (Sal and Patti Tocci)

Royono (#440)

Royono was named after a US Naval Academy 72' racing yawl of the mid-60's. The name means "Happy Home on the Water" in an American Indian language.

Salty Dog (#1102)

In memory of an old friend who introduced us to boiled peanuts, boating on the Gulf of Mexico, and to the "salty dog" (vodka and grapefruit juice) in leiu of the sundown gin and tonic.

Samantha Jean (#247)

It's not an unusual name but when I was trying to convince my family what a  great idea it would be to own a C34 I figured it would be great to get as many family members on my side as possible. So, I named her after my daughter. I did the same thing when I bought my Hunter 34 in 1985. I named her Stacys Pride after my first mate.

Sand Save (#223)

Sand Save is a golf term (my other passion). If you're in a sand trap near a green (as I frequently am) and you get out of the sand in one shot, then putt the ball into the cup on the next shot, you've accomplished a "sand save." Since it's about the only thing I can do with any consistency on the golf course, I thought it would be a good crossover name to combine sailing and golf. On the starboard side of the boat, I've got the name with a small island beach scene and on the port side I have the name with a small golf green and sand trap.

Sarah Lynn (#637)

I named my boat Sarah Lynn because I'm a divorced Pahwakee Indian Lesbian who now lives with Lynn on the Sarah Lynn...the love of my life

Sasha (#980)

We spent our last 2 years working in Russia, where Alexander(dra) is a very common first name for men and women. Alexander is our family name. Sasha is the common nick name for Alexander and we thought it fit both us and the boat(we didn't much care for the previous name either). We had a fun party toasting Poseidon and the 4 winds with champagne in the name change ceremony too.

Saucy Jack (#1236)

Saucy Jack is named after the privateer which was captained by my 3xgreat grandfather in the war of 1812.  She sailed from Charleston South Carolina and was the most successful privateer out of Charleston in that war (Cas Patrick).   

Schipperke (#1052)

A schipperke is a breed of small, very curious, dogs. They were reportedly bred in Belgium to serve as canal boat dogs, catching rats and keeping intruders out.  The name means "little captain" or "little shepherd," depending on the commentator. Our schipperke dog is named Quincy and he got sea sick on his first real voyage on board Schipperke!

Sea Rover (#1409)

Derived from "Zeerover" which is Dutch and which translates into "pirate of the high seas". This in turn relates to my last name Kaper (which translates into Pirate). Perhaps my Dutch ancestors were pirates of the high seas (Jaap and Emma Kaper).

Sedona Sunset (#219)

The year before my purchase of #219, fall of 2004, my wife and I were vacationing in Sedona, AZ. We witnessed the most incedible sunset we had ever seen. we purchased the boat very late in our season and planned to rename her for the next season. After much deliberation, we decided that even though there is no ocean in AZ. we would name our new boat after the sunset that was indelled in our minds. Each time out, we are reminded of one of the most beautiful sights we had seen.

Segovia (#489)

Previous owner was a fan of Andres Segovia, the classical guitarist. He named the boat Segovia. I am also a guitarist so felt the name worked well for me also.

Sheer Bliss (#1055)

We wanted a peaceful name and went to our favorite ski area-Snowmass, Colo, and found a ski lift named Sheer Bliss. (Bruce and Wendy Fowler).

Sheni (#696)

When the wife and I are out on our boat we feel as though we are in our own little world which the group Alabama wrote a song about, She and I. Drop a couple of letters and spaces and you end up with the name of our boat SHENI. The name and the song by Alabama petty much tells most of the story, the rest of the story can be found in another song writer/singers work, and that writer/singer came from Alabama.

Sjora (#1420)

Sjora was/is a Swedish sea goddess. Chris is Swedish. (Bob & Chris Lancaster)

Single Malt (#901)

When we purchased our vessel it was called Robert E Lee. This is ok for you Americans but over here in Australia it was a bit out of place. However, I hear you say, what has Single Malt got to do with Australia? Absolutely nothing geographically, as everyone knows the best single malt whisky comes from Scotland. We were in Scotland a few years ago, and were enjoying going around the distilleries and having a wee dram at the end of each visit. As Single Malt is the best whisky there is, and Catalinas are the best yachts, it seemed just right. We do keep a bottle on board for those cold evenings, but up here in the tropics, its often better to have a cold beer

Slow Dance (#354)

Is there anything more intimate?

My wife actually thought it would be an appropriate name for our Catalina 34.... and having had the pleasure of sailing her around Buzzards Bay, Vinyard and Nantucket Sounds, I too agree.... it is a most intimate experience!

Splash Dance (#580)

When I purchased the boat I was required by the Bank to have it documented. No problem, I'd like that anyway. In the meantime, I was thinking of what to name the boat. Jenny K was on her transom, as the previous owner named her after his daughter. That was sweet, but meant nothing to me so a new name was in order. It wasn't until I was signing documentation papers that I learned a new name wasn't just a nice idea, a name is required by the Coast Guard. Otherwise, no documentation, no loan, no boat. Yikes! A name, a name, quickly! I had to have something to resolve this issue right away. My friend had a boat named "Sunset Grill" and I like music, so "Sunset Serenade" was created. Not what I wanted, but I was in a pinch. All paperwork handled, the boat now belonged to me.........and the Bank. However, the name issue kept bothering me. I just wasn't satisfied with it. Then too, I didn't want something tricky, too cute, or too naughty (I'm single and caught hell for !!

My Catalina 30's name "Insatiable"), but I wanted something that captured the essence of the boat. In thinking about how a sailboat goes through the water, nodding and dipping from side to side, it seemed to me to be a dance. As she  does this dance, she splashes happily along.

"Splash Dance" caught the essence, freedom and joy that I wanted in a name.

Starbird (#1335)

When I was trying to decide on a name for my boat I came across a road in the Puget Sound area called Starbird. It sounded like the perfect name for a sail boat since the ancient sailors and modern sailors use both the stars and the birds to help with navigation. The boat has been perfect for me.

Stargazer (#1035)

Our family is the third owners of hull #1035. It's most recent name was Irish Mist, and being that we are 4 parts Scottish, 1 part bad ass
German, and 1 part Irish,...the name had to go. After nineteen years of being married to each other, most of which was spend in mortal combat to be Alfa Dog, it was clear from the start of the naming process that my wife and I would be wise to use the same proceedure we came up with to name our two beautiful little girls. That being that we both made a list of no more than twenty-four names that we liked. Each could delete twenty-two. This left us with four names to...ah..discuss. Stargazer was one of my selections, and it came to me from our families general delight in astronomy.

Stromboli (#413)

Stromboli is named after Mt. Stromboli....the world's most active volcano off the coast of Italy. In Greek mythology, Mt. Stromboli was the home of Aeolus....the god or custodian of the winds.

Summer Breeze (#644)

We sail from Atlantic City ,New Jersey mostly in the ocean. We enjoy the wonderful warm summer breezes...so it was a perfect name for us..just like the Seals & Croft...sailing along on a summer breeze.

Sunset (#1229)

We have gorgeous sunsets here in Southwest Florida year round. Also, we are entering our "sunset" years of sailboat cruising. One of our previous boats was named "Moonrise" because we used to view beautiful moonrises from our cabin in the San Juan Islands (Bob and Donna Lou Martin)

Su * Wen * Sa (#754)

Our daughters names are Suzi, Wendy and Sara, so we took the first few letters of their names to form the boat's name. We told them it was a Native American word meaning "lost inheritance."

Take Five (#900)

There are five members in our family. We all like to sail.

Temperance (#538)

My wife always tells me that I go from one extreme to the other with no middle ground. The day I was to sign papers on the boat, I saw a book that said the word of the day was "temperance," the virtue of moderation of passions and desires. So we now start this new life of sailing with Temperance (Dan & Freddy Tucker).

Third Star (#913)

My wife Ramona and I had tried out different names while commuting to work and we did not like each others choices. I said as a joke lets name it Third Boat since it is our third sailboat. Ramona countered with Third Star. I liked it, so it is.

Tweety Bird (#1346)

Naming Tweety Bird was easy, since it's my wife, Gloria's, nickname (Jon Arck)

Unzipped (#1484)

When we bought our C34 we were looking at an 1988 model year C34. We rejected  it, but as we were walking back up the dock we passed a new 2000 C34 and decided  to just have a quick look. The next thing you know we had made an offer and she
was ours. We had never done anything like that before and we both felt  disjointed, crazy, unzipped. Laura and I both enjoy spending time on board and  find that we can go for a quick evening sail and become unzipped from lifes little problems.

Up Spirits (#894)

The name has two origins; one is highlights the lifting of one's spirits by the very nature of sailing; the other comes from the Royal Canadian and Royal Navy tradition of serving the ration of rum, the pipe being "up spirits, hands to muster for grog".    100% attendance at rum muster was common.      Both names apply aptly to our boat, a real 1989 beauty (G. Wiseman).

Upon A Star (# 52)

First, it is important to know that I am an incurable fan of Walt Disney. I grew up glued to the TV watching the "Mickey Mouse Club" and "The Wonderful World of Disney". After deciding to purchase Star (then, "In the Mood") we agonized over the appropriate name (who amongst us didn't?) for what seemed like eternity. My wife, maintaining all the while that it was my decision, kept rejecting the names I came up with as either too esoteric, too cerebral, too mystic, or too ... whatever. One day, at work, the radio station I was listening to started playing a compendium of all the most memorable tunes from Disney movies. One of my all time favorites is Pinnochio, and when they played "When You Wish Upon A Star" from the movie, I had my name; and wishes do come true! (Bob Mack) 

Visionary (#1422)

I'm an optometrist, an optimist and nearly retired and my family didn't much care for the rest of the names I came up with.

Voyager (#1345)

Voyager was named for what we plan on doing with her. Take as many trips as we can to as many different places. Short trips, long trips, who cares (Craig and Nancy McAllaster).

Whisper (#1544)

As we searched for names we avoided boastful and comical ones. To us sailing is an excape from the noise and chaos of every-day life. It is partly why we prefer sailing to powerboating. We wanted to be reminded of the quiet elements of sailing we enjoy.

Hopefully this will have a calming effect on our Skipper, making it difficult for him to raise his voice to the crew.

Whither the Wind (#126)

We generally tend to steer courses that require as little sail managing as possible. It's just easier to steer a new when the wind changes. It's all really because we're basically lazy. Hence we go "whither the wind". (Jerry and Debbie Nielsen)

White Orchid

White Orchid is a rare and beautiful flower, found in the Caribbean, that goes from island to island on the wind (the seeds that is!) - this is our retirement plan, hence the name White Orchid.


The Boat started out in it's life as "80 Proof" in Long Beach CA. It's owner was Dean Buur. He and his wife cruised and raced actively in the LA and San Francisco areas. Dean upgraded to a C42 in 1998 and we bought the boat in Marina Del Ray and had it shipped to Bayfield on Lake superior. We already had a C30, "Windsong II", and decided that the fleet should all be named Wind----. Thus it became Windseeker as that's what we were looking for most of the time.

Wyvern (#864)

A Wyvern is a flying dragon. And as anyone who is a fan of PC role playing games knows, you can "always get home on the wings of a Wyvern."  Thus when we purchased our 34, we felt it was appropriate to christen it Wyvern. My wife and grandchildren were the ones who "did the research on the PC."

Yachta Yachta Yachta (#1634

We our avid Seinfeld fans and we use the saying that we did this or went there or yatta yatta yatta so we were able to put it in boating lingo and changed it to Yachta Yachta Yachta. We used it on our C28 and had so many remarks on how it was such a great name we decided to keep it on our 2003 C34.

Yo! (#39)

YO ! comes from Nina's racing a Sunfish on a small lake that we lived on previously. The kids racing Hobie 16's didn't know what "Starboard " meant, so Nina just yelled "YO !" It got their attention !!! (Bill and Nina Collins)

Zuma (#960)

Our boat name,"ZUMA",was inspired by a 1975 record album by Neil Young (with Crazy Horse) by that name. There is a song on the
album called "Through My Sails" (with Crosby,Stills&Nash) that we enjoy. We have since learned that there is a beach in California named Zuma.