Owners Database: 1995

1293 Weyrling -- Lebanon, CT

Owner (email) Dale & Cindy Baker (debaker*spam-no-more*charter.net)
Hull Number 1293
Year 1995
Marina or Mooring location US Sub Base, New London, CT
Rig Standard
Keel Fin
Date Purchased Oct 2007
Upgrades The previous owner left a very complete boat.
Planned Upgrades Only planned upgrades are a Chartplotter/Radar as we tend to find ourselves sailing in fog and darkness regularly.
Longest/Notable Voyage  
Can Share Information about  
How Boat Was Named From Anne McCafferys series of books "The Dragon Riders of Pern" A "Weyrling" is a baby dragon. This is our third boat with some variation of that name.

1294 Adios IV - Oakland, CA

Owners: Ron DeVriesadios (ADIOAII@AOL.COM)
Hull 1294
Purchased: 12/98
Marina: Oakland Y.C.
Rig: standard
Keel: wing

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