Welcome to c34 Fleet 12 on Cheaspeake Bay

Catalina 34 IA

2012 Events

1. The Crab Feast  [24-26 August] details

2. The Concert on Shaw Bay [8- September] anyone interested in sponsoring a raftup here contact Hank Recla.

3. A raft up scheduled for [15-16 September] sponsored by Denise Gill on First Point of Aires.
    Details to be announced later based on weather conditions.

4. The Fall Annual Fleet Meeting will be held at Dan & Maryann home off the Magothy River on [22 September]. 
The fleet will provide most of the food and drinks. More info will follow.

5. Dinner after the Annapolis Boat Show sponsored by Bill Asbury and Penne Romar will be held at Adams' Rib (East port) 18:00 hrs on Friday [5 October]. 
  Directions will follow.

There are other weekends still available. If anyone would like to host a Raftup please let Hank Recla ( hjrecla@comcast.net ) 
know so he can get the word out to members by Email. A 3 or 4 days notice would be appreciated.

Also, if you are planning to attend any of the events, please contact the sponsors for planning purposes.

Good sailing!   Hank Recla