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FAQ: Mail Order 

Where can I get boat supplies and parts by mail order?
Is this a good way to shop?

You could try the following.

For general marine gear:

  • Boat/US 800-937-2628
  • Defender 800-628-8225
  • E&B Discount Marine 800-262-8464
  • JSI (Johnson Sails, Inc) 800-234-3220
  • M&E Marine 800-541-6501
  • Marine Exchange 800-888-8699

You might want to try the following for communications gear:

  • H. F. Radio On Board 510-814-8888
  • Waypoint 800-584-4114

The boat shows like Annapolis, Miami, etc. are great places to window shop and get great deals. I went to the Annapolis Boat show in October and probably saved 30% on normal catalog pricing, but I was buying a lot of gear for my 34 also. ($12,000+). The key is shop around and watch the shipping charges, they can break an otherwise great deal. At the boat show I got several deals where it included shipping in the already discounted price (Gerry Misener).

I also use West Marine, but also find Defender Marine a very good and low
cost provider (Craig McAllaster)

Although Defender is without a doubt usually cheaper than the others, they have a VERY tough return policy.  For C-34 parts, the best place is the factory who you can contact at 818-884-7700 or fax 818-704-6612 (Ron Hill, C34 National Association Technical Editor) 

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