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FAQ: Hot Water


Can the temperature of the  hot water be regulated, or is it fixed by the
manufacturer? Ours is scalding!

It depends on what you want to regulate.    The water is heated by the engine coolant system, which normally runs about 165F, so the water in the heater will eventually get to 165, too.  This is much hotter than the water at home, which is normally about 135. The electrical heater probably has a thermostat (it would be located inside the jacket, against the side of the tank).   I have taken them apart at home, but not in the boat.  This would be adjustable, but not easily, if you have to remove the tank covers. If you don't run your engine too long, the temperature will not get very hot.  You should also realize that the water tank can act like an emergency cooler for the engine, if you loose the seawater coolant.   As long as you have water in the heater to boil, your engine temperature will not rise significantly above about 220F, thus tempering the effects of an overheat event (Ralph Caruso).

The engine should heat the water to about 160F as the thermostat is stamped 71C (159.8F). Most boat 110V water heaters are preset by the factory at 170F. Suspect they set it so high (compared to a household water heater) because you're trying to get only 6gal. to go a long way! I put this in the DOCKLINE and/or MAINSHEET back in Jan 92 (Ron Hill)

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